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fuji x100 archives (137 posts)

Black Fuji X100S officially announced for $1300 as well, January 6, 2014
The silver color schemed Fuji X100S has been around for a few months, but now fans of black color scheme digital cameras can rejoice. Fuji officially announced a new all-black version of the X100S and it is available for pre-order... Continue

New Fuji X100 firmware v2.0 improves AF, adds Focus Peaking and more, October 17, 2013
Fuji has not forgotten the photographers who initially boldly went and placed their trust in Fuji. Yes, the X100 (not the X100S) has new firmware that improves autofocusing speed in certain circumstances and adds a "Focus Peak" function, and offers... Continue

In-stock again: Fuji X100S for $1300 [updated], October 2, 2013
Fuji X100S hunters - the camera is now in-stock and ready to ship for $1300 at B&H Photo and Amazon by Amazon herself [now in-stock!]. You can also see the big picture with the Stock Status widget Javascript-embedded at the... Continue

Fuji X100S In-Stock Again for $1300 , September 7, 2013
The Fuji X100s is back in-stock again at its starting price of $1300 at and Samy's Camera... As usual, keep in mind supplies of hard to find high-demand cameras are limited and the stock situation changes often... Research the... Continue

Impact review: Fuji X100S at dpreview, July 30, 2013
The time has come for the Fuji X100S to face the judge, jury and executioners at dpreview! This is a 21-pager review but if you are in a hurry or running out of time or battery, you can jump to... Continue

(SOLD OUT) Now in-stock: Fuji X100S for $1300, July 15, 2013
As of a 8:30pm ET recheck, this sold out and is back in pre-order state... Stay tuned to the big picture using the Stock Status site... Fuji X100S hunters, grab your e-wallets! As of the time of writing, the Fuji... Continue

Fuji X100S studio test results added to dpreview, March 27, 2013
Dpreview has added their standard studio test comparison samples to their developing Fuji X100S review. The three default cameras they use to compare to are the Fuji X100, Sony RX1 and Olympus E-M5, but you can compare to any other... Continue

(SOLD OUT) Used Deal: used Fuji X100 (very good condition) for $546 (was $535), March 14, 2013
As of a Friday 1:35am ET recheck, the $5XX option sold out and the lowest price is now close to $700... As of the time of writing, the used Fuji X100 in Very Good condition is available for $546 $535... Continue

Fuji X100S hands-on by Fuji's Brandon Remler (and videos of X100s shutter sound), February 10, 2013
Fuji's Brandom Remler published an early hands-on report with the Fuji X100s at his personal blog. Going along with the blog-post are three YouTube videos by Brandon that feature the Fuji X100S shutter sound compared to other cameras, including the... Continue

Fuji announces 0.8x converter lens for the X100 (28mm eq.) [with samples!], May 15, 2012
Fuji has just announced via press release the WCL-X100 wide converter lens for the X100 digital camera. The converter lens will take you from 35mm to 28mm in 35mm-equivalent speak (or 23mm to 19mm in native). To spare us all... Continue

New Leica X2 (16mp APS-C) with 36mm f2.8 lens (w/samples & impressions), May 10, 2012
Leica has just announced a wave of new products! We start with the new Leica X2, a follow-up to the X1, a 16mp APS-C camera with 36mm equivalent f2.8 prime lens. A "big sensor prime" camera! The European starting price... Continue

Fuji prices X-Pro1 accessories (also: X100 Limited Edition in-stock & shipping), March 6, 2012
On the Fuji X100 front, the X100 Limited Edition is in-stock for its starting price of $1700 with free shipping at Adorama, but if you need some accessories for just $3 more you can get this X100 Limited bundle (free... Continue

Catching up with the Fujis (X-Pro1, X100, X10, X-S1), February 13, 2012
And now it is time to catch up with the Fujis (X-Pro, X100, X10 and X-S1). This post attempts to cover items that were posted during the CP+ Announcement-a-geddon and have not been included in our previous CP+ round-ups... Fuji... Continue

Fuji sold 100,000 Fuji X100 (as of Dec-31-2011), January 30, 2012
Fuji has also released their financial results. Overall, the company stock is getting hammered because they have cut operating and net profit estimates going forward (see Reuters). On the digital camera front, according to their quarterly presentation (direct link to... Continue

Fuji X100 Limited Edition available for pre-order, January 17, 2012
The Fuji X100 (black) Limited Edition that was revealed at CES/PMA 2012 is now available for pre-order for $1700 at Adorama. The Fuji X100 standard edition goes for $1130+ [see X100 stock status page] Speaking of pre-orders, on the Canon... Continue


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