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fuji x10 archives (54 posts)

Fuji reveals new Diopter Correction Lenses for the X-Pro1, July 30, 2012
Eye-glass wearing past, present and future Fuji X-Pro1 users rejoice! The Fuji has announced that they will soon release diopter correction lenses for near and far-sighted X-Pro1 photographers. They will be available in six "strengths", from -3 to 3, in... Continue

ORB-fixed Fuji X10 meets the dpreview reviewers, July 11, 2012
ORB Talk Radio! Dpreview has received one of the ORB-fixed Fuji X10 digital cameras and they have now completed their review of the camera! Here is their introduction to the review (this should be page #0 of the actual review... Continue

Fuji X10s with ORB-fixed sensor making the rounds (with samples), June 25, 2012
Fixed Fuji X10 digital camera models, with the sensor-fix for the ORB issue appear to be making the rounds! This happening was unofficially "blessed" by @TheFujiGuys who retweeted a tweet from a photographer who received a replacement X10 from Fuji.... Continue

Two hour podcast talking Fuji X-Pro1, some E-M5 and other Serious Compacts, April 27, 2012
Camera talk is back! Episode #5 of the Serious Compacts podcast is out, and in the two hours of run-time, the five photographer panel talks mostly Fuji X-Pro1 (camera, lenses, focusing, ISO, system, etc), along with other serious compacts, including... Continue

Fuji X10 camera with ORB-fixed sensor finds dpreview, April 25, 2012
Paranormal investigators have been hunting orbs for years, but Fuji X10 users, only for months, and their Orb Quest may (or may not) come to an end soon. Dpreview has received an ORB-fixed Fuji X10 camera that they will be... Continue

Fuji ORB confessions: working on modified sensor to fix issues, March 12, 2012
Time for a new episode of "ORB Talk Radio". Fuji has issued the previously promised statement on the X10 and X-S1 ORB issues. See the statement at dpreview. The second #1 step reveals that Fuji is working on a modified... Continue

ORB Gate: Fuji will comment on March 12, March 5, 2012
In a new short update, dpreview writes that Fuji said that Fuji will be making a statement on the ORB situation around March 12, 2012 (actual date may vary depending on time zone). Fuji picked up a lot of momentum... Continue

Cameraholic Digest: G1x, NEX-7, X-Pro1, X10, E-M5 RAW, etc, March 4, 2012
Time for a new edition of the "Cameraholic Digest", an on-going experiment on how to catch up with catching up without getting caught in a never-ending updating-trap! Compacts with RAW + Canon G1x Imatest test results at Lens Rentals +... Continue

Cameraholic Digest: Samsung NX200 review at dpreview & ORB hunting & lots more, February 28, 2012
And now time for a new edition of the Cameraholic Digest, an experimental new approach to rounding up some of the latest happenings. Samsung NX200 gets the dpreview review We start with today's Talking Points Memo: Samsung fans have been... Continue

Cameraholic Digest: Canon interview, Reviews (E-M5, G1x, S100, X10, etc), Geekery, February 24, 2012
Time to recap some of the latest gear-related happenings of the last few hours, starting with a Canon interview (text, English) at, conducted at CES 2012 and asking Canon dude some tough questions on the specs of the new... Continue

dpreview confirms Fuji X10 ORBs not fixed by latest firmware, February 17, 2012
dpreview has posted a short update on their website, noting that they have not noticed any significant improvements on the Fuji X10 ORB issue with the latest Fuji firmware update. This is in agreement with Tuesday's findings at DC Resource.... Continue

Interview with Fuji: 120,000 X10 (X-Tens) sold in 2011, February 17, 2012
The interview party continues with Fuji, with an interview with a Fuji Europe manager at (in English) at the European XF launch event. The interview talks upcoming lenses with focal lengths and apertures (a roadmap in text). The interviewer... Continue

Deal for Expert Gearheads: USED Fuji X10 for $417 (SOLD-OUT: used LX5), February 16, 2012
ORIGINAL POST: If you are an expert gearhead and you are not afraid of used digital cameras, you can get the Fuji X10 used for $417~ by Amazon Warehouse Deals. Please note this is USED! It comes with a 30-day... Continue

Fuji X10 ORB fix no fix says DC Resource, February 14, 2012
DC Resource has been testing the Fuji X10, and the new firmware update came in the middle of their testing, so they were able to do before-firmware-update and after-firmware-update tests to see whether the ORB issue was fixed. Spoiler alert:... Continue

Catching up with the Fujis (X-Pro1, X100, X10, X-S1), February 13, 2012
And now it is time to catch up with the Fujis (X-Pro, X100, X10 and X-S1). This post attempts to cover items that were posted during the CP+ Announcement-a-geddon and have not been included in our previous CP+ round-ups... Fuji... Continue


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