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fuji f80exr archives (12 posts)

Review Train (Sony A55, Canon 60D, compact superzooms, etc), September 17, 2010
Time to recap some of the latest reviews. We start with a review-in-progress, 11 pages are ready and more coming up at DCI, where they check out the pellicle-mirror Sony Alpha SLT-A55. Speaking of the Sony pellicles, the A33 has... Continue

Review Train (Canon 7D, Sony NEX-5, Fuji HS10, superzooms, comparisons, and many more), August 12, 2010
And now time for a super-sized edition of the "Review Train". The fries are on the house ;-) We start with a photographer-priority experiential straight-to-the-point review of the Canon 7D by photographer and author Kirk Tuck at his Visual Science... Continue

Review mini-train (Sigma DP2s, Pentax W90, Fuji F80-EXR), June 29, 2010
Time for a short edition of the "Review Train". The waterproof Pentax W80 got some negative attention, and did not do as well comparatively as its predecessor, the W60. So, can the W90 save the day? Imaging Resource puts it... Continue

Reactions to dpreview's compact-fun-zoom group test, June 21, 2010
One of the biggest stories last week was the dpreview compact-fun-zoom group-test that had two surprising (to some) winners (spoiler alert!), the Casio EX-FH100 and the Samsung HZ35w/WB650. Now it is time to round-up some of the reactions to the... Continue

dpreview posts 13-camera compact-superzoom group test, June 16, 2010
Dpreview has just posted a 25-page 13-camera group test of compact-superzoom digital cameras, the so-called "fun zooms" or "travel zooms". This is an extensive 25-page report. The contestants are the Canon SX210, Panasonic TZ10 (ZS7) and TZ8 (ZS3), Sony HX5... Continue

Review Train (Fuji HS10 and F80exr, Kodak Z981, Olympus E-PL1, E-P1), June 11, 2010
Welcome to a new edition of the "Review Train". It may be Friday, but the reviews keep rolling! We already mentioned the Olympus 14-150mm review at SLRGear, but it was not the only Oly (say that three times fast) with... Continue

Review Train (D3s, E-P2, G2, SD4000 IS, V-Lux 20, and many more), June 10, 2010
Punch your tickets! It's time to climb aboard the Review Train, now powered by solar energy (f*ck you BP, you sc*mb*g planet killers!). DSLRs and iLCs We start with an ISO shootout at RiceHigh where two of the hottest DSLRs... Continue

Curiosity factor: Fuji F80EXR review at Photography Blog, May 4, 2010
Photography Blog has published their review of the Fuji F80-EXR, including a lot of full-size sample pictures of the real-world variety taken with the camera. Continue

Fuji superzoom review party: Fuji HS10, F80-EXR and JZ500, April 28, 2010
In this edition, we have new reviews for three Fuji superzoom cameras, the big daddy HS10 (30X), and two slim-zooms, the SuperCCD-EXR powered F80EXR and the affordable JZ500. Continue

Curiosity factor: Fuji F80EXR review at CNet Asia, April 19, 2010
CNet Asia has published their findings after checking out the new Fuji F80 EXR slim-zoom which uses a smaller SuperCCD-EXR sensor. Continue

Unboxing and previews of new Fuji cameras (including HS10, F80EXR, Z700EXR), February 2, 2010
The Fuji Guys are unboxing all the new Fuji digital cameras including the HS10, F80 EXR, Z700 EXR, and many more! Continue

New Fuji F80EXR (F85EXR) is a compact SuperCCD-EXR zoom with minor upgrades over F70EXR, February 1, 2010
The new Fuji F80EXR (F85EXR) offers small upgrades over the F70EXR six months later, including 720p, 12mp SuperCCD EXR sensor and 3-inch display. Continue


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