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fuji f70exr archives (8 posts)

Fuji F70-EXR is three times a lady (three new reviews), December 3, 2009
Three new recent reviews have come out for the now-$200 Fuji F70-EXR at DC-Resource, Trusted Reviews and CNet. Continue

Samples from Canon 7D, Fuji F70 and Canon G11 at DC Resource, November 21, 2009
DC Resource has posted sample pictures taken with the Canon G11 and 7D, and also the Fuji F70 EXR also. Continue

Fuji Japan adds pink and brown to the F70-EXR (updated), November 3, 2009
Fuji Japan has added pink and brown color options for the Fuji F70 EXR. Continue

Fuji F72EXR is a clone of the F70EXR for select retailers, October 9, 2009
Fuji has launched a model-clone of the F70exr, which they call the F72exr. Continue

Curiosity factor: First Fuji F70-EXR review at CNet Asia, August 25, 2009
The Fuji F70EXR, a fun-zoom with a SuperCCD sensor, received its first review at CNet Asia! Find out what they found out! Continue

Fuji F70EXR review at DC-Watch, August 7, 2009
DC-Watch has posted their review of the Fuji F70EXR, complete with full-size sample pictures and tests of other features such as the dynamic range option. Continue

Fuji F70EXR - a SuperCCD-powered compact-superzoom, July 22, 2009
The Fuji F70-EXR is officially announced, and it is a compact-superzoom powered by a 1/2" SuperCCD-EXR sensor Continue

Fuji F70 EXR compact-zoom leaked (S200fs coming too?), July 20, 2009
The Fuji F70 has apparently leaked from Europe, and a Fuji S200fs may not be far behind. Continue


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