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fuji f550exr archives (32 posts)

Reviews (X10, GX1, NX200, Q, Titan, compact-zooms, etc), December 21, 2011
Time for check what the Review Santa brought in today ;-) For lens reviews, check the Lens Reviews cafe and for completed camera reviews, check the Camera Reviews cafe. Refills are not free! Interchangeables + Panasonic GX1 at CNet Asia... Continue

Reviews (Phase One IQ180 digital-back Dxomark, K-5, GF3, superzooms, etc), October 15, 2011
And now let's check some of the latest reviews. Lots of superzooms are part of today's action, along with the Dxomark-ing of a digital back, and lots mo(i)re... Interchangeable Things + Phase One IQ 180 digital back RAW sensor data... Continue

Reviews (A35, mirrorless party, Yongnuo, R2000, etc), August 29, 2011
Time to catch up with the latest reviews from the photo-blog-sphere! You can also catch up with the latest samples round-up. We split it in two because it got too long for a single post. Also: there will be yet... Continue

Sample Pictures (FZ150, Ricoh GXR M-mount, Pentax Q, E-PL3, NEX-C3, etc), August 29, 2011
There were quite a few reviews and samples out there since our previous updates, so we broke them in two pieces. This post rounds up the sample pictures! The latest reviews are rounded-up in a separate post. + Panasonic FZ150... Continue

Reviews (X100, E-P3, A35, NEX-C3, T3, M9p, DP2x, XZ1, waterproof group test, etc), August 1, 2011
Time to look at what the Monday review cat brought in! As usual, completed lens reviews can be found at the lens reviews pool. Interchangeable + Olympus E-P3 at Trust3d R3vi3ws (M43rds is full of "3s" these days GF3, G3,... Continue

Reviews (Fuji X100, HS20, F550exr, Nikon P300, etc), July 11, 2011
And now time to catch up with the latest reviews! But first, the "review volume" indicator. It is already past 3pm NYC time and 9pm London time on a Monday, and the review volume at NDA websites is rather low.... Continue

Reviews & Samples (E-P3, A580, K-r, etc), July 7, 2011
Time to see what the review cat brought in today! Lens reviews as usual at the lens reviews dome. Here we go, in lightning round format: + Olympus E-P3 full-size JPEG and RAW real-world samples at Focus Numerique + Olympus... Continue

Reviews (X100, X1, A35, G3, XZ-1, superzooms, and lots more), June 23, 2011
And now the time has come to check some of the recent reviews. It turns out it's been about a week since we did a review round-up, so this edition is longer than usual! There are cameras of every type... Continue

Reviews (Canon 1D Mark IV vs Nikon D3s, Leica M9, superzooms, etc), June 16, 2011
And now time to check some of the latest reviews from the photo-blogo-spheres! There's an epic Canon vs Nikon duel with the 1D Mark IV and D3s defending the hono(u)r of their respective houses, a superzoom 4-way group-test, a new... Continue

Reviews (D5100 vs T3i/600D, Panasonic G3, D7000, P&S, USB 3.0 reader, etc), June 10, 2011
Pardon the interruption but it is time for another review roundup! We start with a classic Canon vs Nikon duel, in this P&S-heavy edition of the review round-up. DSLR Duel + Canon T3i/600D vs Nikon D5100 camera comparison at Camera... Continue

Review Train (T3i, D5100, NX11, V-Lux 30 vs TZ20/ZS10, etc), June 3, 2011
And now time to catch up with some of the latest reviews! The lens reviews continue to be behind schedule, hopefully we catch up by Sunday night. Today we have an emo theme ;-) DSLRs, the sunshine of my life... Continue

Reviews Only (Fuji X100, Panasonic G3, Nikon D5100, P300, etc), May 31, 2011
And now time to take a look at some of the latest reviews published deep inside the internet tubes! Lens review updates continue to be behind schedule. Lady X100 + Fuji X100 review at CNet + quick first look and... Continue

Reviews Etc (Fuji X100, HS20, F550, Hasselblad H4D-50, P&S), May 22, 2011
And now time to check some of the latest reviews that came out! Lens reviews continue to be behind schedule. Lady X100 + Fuji X100 studio test samples at Imaging Resource [PIXEL-PEEP ALERT!] + Fuji X100 at Electronista IBM Mainframes... Continue

Reviews Etc (80mp Phase One IQ180, X100, HS20, F550exr, HX9, H70, P500, etc), May 19, 2011
And now time for another review round-up! Lens review updates continue to be behind schedule. Medium Format + 80-megapixel Phase One IQ180 digital back by Mark Dubovoy at Luminous Landscape Lady XaXa + online Fuji X100 review bonus at Le... Continue

Reviews Etc (Sony HX100v, Panasonic G3 samples, D5100, K-5, superzooms, etc), May 18, 2011
And now time to catch up with the latest reviews. The lens reviews mini-site will be updated later. Lady X100 + Fuji X100 at Quesabesde + Fuji X100 at Photocomment + RAW development at DC Watch (computer translated) Mirror-Nyet +... Continue


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