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Fuji X-Pro 1 and three lenses leak left and right, January 8, 2012
UPDATE (January 9, 2012): The new camera and three lenses have now been officially announced! Check our usual announcement round-up for all the details... Original post after the jump (will no longer be updated)... RUMOR phase of the CAMERA LifeCycle... Continue

Impact review: Sony NEX-7 at dpreview, December 13, 2011
The time has come for the Sony NEX-7 to face the Judge, Jury and Executioners at dpreview with a 29-page detailed review. As usual we won't spoil it here, but if you are in a hurry, you can jump to... Continue

Interesting forum discussion on future (of) medium format cameras, November 20, 2011
There is an interesting discussion brewing at the GetDPI forums on what medium format photographers want/need/expect from medium format cameras in the next few years. This is not a rumor post discussing future or leaked models, but photographers talking about... Continue

Also (Sony sensors return to Japan, OlympusGate, Adobe Touch(es) Android, Kodak Gallery for sale, etc), November 17, 2011
Time to round up some of the recent news, newsbytes, and newsbits in lightning round format. Call Susan Lucci, there's going to be drama! Relatively-New News + Sony imaging sensor production moving/returning to Japan after Thailand natural disasters - via... Continue

Reactions to the Panasonic GX1 in the forums, November 8, 2011
It is about 40 hours since the announcement of the Panasonic GX1, so many #togs had time to read and digest the various previews and spec-sheets. So now let's round-up some of the reactions to the new camera... Various Forums... Continue

Canon 1D X updates (interview with CPS Spain, forum reactions, in-depth article on megapixels), October 20, 2011
Now that the initial Canon 1D X dust has settled, time to check some of the latest action that was not included in our announcement-day round-up... Photo-blogo-sphere + Quesabesde (computer-translatese) talks to Canon CPS of Spain about the 1D X... Continue

dpreview expands forums, adds printer coverage and group-test, July 22, 2011
It is expansion time at dpreview! They have added more non-gear forums, including many on photography disciplines (street, landscape, B+W, etc) along with an Off Topic forum. They have also expanded their coverage area by adding a printers section and... Continue

More Olympus E-P3 pictures leak online, June 27, 2011
Update (June-30-2011): The new Olympus M43rds gear has now been officially announced. The rumors after the jump for historic/reference purposes... Micro Four Thirds got off to a quick start (they were the first after all) with some promising cameras like... Continue

Winner of Sigma SD1 giveaway selling camera on eBay (updated), June 17, 2011
UPDATE (6/18/11 at 10:37am NYC time): The camera is indeed for sale. It is listed on eBay by the winner. (thanks to Max for the alert in the comments below). Surprisingly (perhaps) the current bid is $5100 but the reserve... Continue

As the Sigma SD1 world turns (SD1 body listed at $6900, more opinions/debates), May 24, 2011
The camera world seems to revolve around the SD1 this week! The gravity of its price is apparently pulling everyone in ;-) Time for yet another round-up of reactions and opinions! If you need a refresher on the Foveon sensor,... Continue

More Sigma SD1 discussions (price and image quality), May 22, 2011
It looks like the Sigma SD1 price has set off a firestorm perhaps bigger than any of the previous Foveon forum mega-debates. If you missed any of the previous updates, check them all out in our SD1 archives. Please note... Continue

Sony NEX-C3 promo pictures forum-leak, May 22, 2011
Eddieaus is back in the Sony NEX Talk forum with a new set of promotional pictures for the presumably upcoming Sony NEX-C3 mirrorless camera! Beautiful model shown not included with the camera! Continue

Reactions to the Sigma SD1 price (and the Seven Stages of SD1 price grief), May 21, 2011
And now let's take a look at some of the reactions after the Sigma SD1 price announcement! But before we get started, let's take a moment to recognize the true victims of this situation, the photographers who placed their photographic... Continue

Samsung Russia answers questions about the future, April 8, 2011
Forum power user "ogl" notes in the dpreview Samsung forum that a Samsung Russia representative hosted a Q&A session at the Russian forums (computer translation does not work on the page; cut/paste blocks of text by user "Samsung Photo... Continue

Forum users you are not paranoid - they have astroturfing corporate defenders/trolls, February 24, 2011
Perhaps this may have happened to you, if you are a regular forum user: you are reading a long-winded discussion about a problem or issue with a particular product of a particular company and when you read the responses from... Continue


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