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Fuji X-Pro1 getting firmware version 2.0 on September 18, September 5, 2012
Fuji X-Pro 1 fans, don't feel left behind! Today Fuji has announced firmware version 2.0 that will go live on September 18, 2012. The new firmware promises improvements in autofocus and manual focus, along with processing speed. Also coming is... Continue

Canon 7D uber-firmware arrives, gets mildly tested [updated w/speculation], August 8, 2012
The new Canon 7D uber-firmware update has arrived, it is ready for download by 7D photographers. The list of updates offered by the new firmware is summarized at CPN Europe. Canon has setup a very fancy micro-site comparing the pre/post... Continue

Canon announces major 7D firmware update, June 27, 2012
Good news for Canon 7D photographers! The company has officially announced a major new firmware update (see Canon Europe) that will increase the camera's capabilities and functionality. The aforelinked press release says roll out will begin in August 2012. Among... Continue

Canon will fix light-leaked 5DMk3 units for free, April 24, 2012
Canon has issued a new update on the Canon 5D Mark III issue, identifying the serial numbers of cameras affected by this issue, and promising to fix them free of change. At the same time they have issued firmware update... Continue

dpreview confirms Fuji X10 ORBs not fixed by latest firmware, February 17, 2012
dpreview has posted a short update on their website, noting that they have not noticed any significant improvements on the Fuji X10 ORB issue with the latest Fuji firmware update. This is in agreement with Tuesday's findings at DC Resource.... Continue

Fuji X10 ORB fix no fix says DC Resource, February 14, 2012
DC Resource has been testing the Fuji X10, and the new firmware update came in the middle of their testing, so they were able to do before-firmware-update and after-firmware-update tests to see whether the ORB issue was fixed. Spoiler alert:... Continue

Also (Sony sensors return to Japan, OlympusGate, Adobe Touch(es) Android, Kodak Gallery for sale, etc), November 17, 2011
Time to round up some of the recent news, newsbytes, and newsbits in lightning round format. Call Susan Lucci, there's going to be drama! Relatively-New News + Sony imaging sensor production moving/returning to Japan after Thailand natural disasters - via... Continue

Also (silver Olympus XZ1, new GH2/D7000 firmware, website news, etc), November 10, 2011
Time to catch up with the latest news, newsbytes and newsbits in lightning round format... Relatively New News + Ricoh GXR production impacted by Thai natural disasters - via Imaging Resoure [NEW!] + Olympus announces silver body color with magic... Continue

Also (Fuji 3D glasses-free V3 viewer, firmware (X10, Q), etc), November 2, 2011
Time to recap some of the latest news, newsbytes, newsbits and newsquarks! Here we go, in lightning round format... Newsy News + Fuji's 3D V3 glass-free viewer gets official announcement - via Pop Photo, dpreview et al [this was shown... Continue

Also (Thailand updates, OlympusGate, CPS for emerging pros, etc), October 22, 2011
And now time to round-up some of the latest news. We start with the natural disasters in Thailand. Obviously the most important issue is the safety and recovery of the people in the region. On the camera front, Nikon has... Continue

Sony NEX-7 studio test samples at Imaging Resource, October 13, 2011
Time to put on the pixel-peepiential aprons! Imaging Resource has published some of their standard studio test samples taken with a production Sony NEX-7 camera! RAW (.arw) samples are also included! Staying with Sony, they have published new firmware (version... Continue

Firmware update for 24mp Sony cameras in the works, September 28, 2011
Alpha Mount World writes (after talking to Sony directly) that Sony is working on a firmware update for their 24-megapixel digital cameras. As a refresher, the 24mp cameras are the Alpha A77, A65 and NEXicopter-7. Continue

Also (firmware, new 24-inch Wacom tablet, #togs comedy web tv series, etc), September 13, 2011
Time for round-up some of the latest newsbytes and newsbits, in the usual lightning round format: + Fuji brings back the Instax instant cameras - via BJP, Photography Blog - partially thanks to Lady Gaga's Polaroid revival perhaps? + new... Continue

Also (Pentax K-lenses to Q-bodies, new Zeiss filters, Samyang M43 fisheye, RED EPIC-X ships, etc), September 5, 2011
Time to recap some of the latest news in lightning round format! + Pentax showcases their K-lenses to Q-bodies adapter in Japan, captured by DC Watch Impress (via Rice High) + new Zeiss UV and circular polariser filters - via... Continue

Also (new JVC hybrid, new GEs, new Toshiba Flip-stick, Kodak celebration, SD15, etc), September 2, 2011
And now let's round up some of the other happenings from the last few days. We have new cameras from GE, a new hybrid from JVC, a Flip "competitor" from Toshiba, and more... + new JVC-PX10 stills/video hybrid with stills... Continue


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