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Cameraholic Digest: Canon interview, Reviews (E-M5, G1x, S100, X10, etc), Geekery, February 24, 2012
Time to recap some of the latest gear-related happenings of the last few hours, starting with a Canon interview (text, English) at, conducted at CES 2012 and asking Canon dude some tough questions on the specs of the new... Continue

Cameraholic Digest: E-M5, D4/D800s, GRD4, GX1, NEX-7, etc, February 23, 2012
With a staggering 700+ new cameras from the major manufacturers since CES 2009, and the rate of new camera announcements accelerating this year (120+ in 2012 so far), we are trying to find ways to cover things that do not... Continue

Hot Cameras Sleepless Nights: Canon G1x, Olympus E-M5, K-01, M9p, P7100, etc, February 20, 2012
Time to round-up the action with some of the latest "hot cameras" that are giving some photographers "sleepless nights". Canon G1x + new reviews at What Digital Camera and Pocket Lint and Digital Camera Info and CNet Reviews + reference:... Continue

Blog update: new minimalist front page, August 2, 2011
A new minimalist experiment is underway to make the front page of the blog easier on the eyes and on the browsers. Four Three changes have been made: 1) the giant sprawl of tags/categories/labels has been removed (you can still... Continue

Buying Advice: DSLR Cougars and Printers, July 29, 2011
And now time for a buyers advice round-up! As usual, opinions and suggestions are those of their authors and your mileage may vary with each product depending on many factors... + NeoCamera has suggestions for solid, feature-packed but older DSLRs... Continue

Newsbytes (Samyang 35/1.4 (A,K), Varioptic, Leica record, 1DMk4 and X100 firmware, etc), May 31, 2011
In this new experiment, in an attempt to de-congest the review round-ups, we are spinning off part of the "Etc" in its own segment, "Newsbytes". This includes news, alerts and other non-review-related things. (this is an experiment at the moment).... Continue

Moment of panic: Canon hasn't had a hot camera since the 7D and T2i/550D, May 25, 2011
While updating some of the Canon stock status pages, the thought came to me. Canon has not had a general interest "hot camera" since the 7D and the D-Rebel T2i/550D. Neither the 60D, nor the T3i/600D were greeted as liberators... Continue

Superunknown: Will Sony's Playstation woes impact their camera business?, May 8, 2011
And now time for a new segment, where we ask questions no one knows the answers of :-) Sony's recent (and continuing) woes with the hacking of the Playstation network have been hawking the headlines like an Elvis Presley single... Continue

The Spor(t) Repor(t): Canon 1D Mark IV shoots Jimmermania, April 24, 2011
And now time for the Spor(t) Repor(t)! In today's edition, photographer Jaren Wilkey, the manager of the Photography office at BYU has published a detailed blog-post, an anatomy of a photo-shoot with college basketball scoring machine Jimmer Fredette of BYU.... Continue

You advizerize: Which camera as first Micro Four Thirds camera?, April 6, 2011
And now time for a new segment, "You Advizerize"! As the name semi-suggests, you, the Readers, share your opinion on a particular topic, and potentially help people who are trying to decide which camera to get. In this edition... With... Continue

What do you think? Added social media buttons on individual blog-posts, February 22, 2011
I know a lot of you are hardcore web 1.0 users, so all apologies for the social media buttons invasion! Time for another social media experiment! We have added social media buttons by ShareThis at the bottom of individual blog-post... Continue

Opinions, opinions, opinions (photoblogosphere round-up), July 29, 2010
We are debuting a new experimental feature today, a round-up of opinions by photographers on a variety of topics, posted across the photo-blog-sphere. Please note, the opinions below are those of their authors. Reasonable minds can differ - a different... Continue

New Community Store, April 25, 2010
From time to time we try to experiment with new ideas and projects, and today we have a new one for you, a Community Store on Amazon that will be featuring the work of the community of this blog (readers,... Continue

Weekly recap and new embedded micro-blogging experiment, November 1, 2009
Time for another weekly recap and lens review diary update. Also, we are trying an experimental new microblogging status-line on the front page of the blog. Continue

Want Noisy Gear (t-shirts, etc)? You design them (crowdsourcing), October 8, 2009
We are launching a crowd-sourcing "Noisy Gear" project using CafePress! Continue


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