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(ENDED) Hard to Find Cameras Reality non-TV: Individual selling Olympus E-M1 on eBay [ends by Monday 12pm NYC time], November 10, 2013
UPDATE (11/11/13): This "reality non-TV" show is over. The auction ended with a $1525 price after 21 bids. ORIGINAL POST And now something different. If you feel like following "reality non-TV" type of action for hard-to-find-digital-cameras, one individual seller on... Continue

Scatterbrain: new iOn Air Pro 3 action cam, Pinterest attribution via Getty Images, more G+ features, Your Album Art, H.264 open source, HTC One bullet time rig, etc, October 30, 2013
In this new experimental feature, we take a snapshot look at some of the many potentially interesting new camera and photography related things that were recently posted online. This one happens to have a bit of a mobile photography focus.... Continue

Guest Blogging Possibilities: Unconventional or Unusual or Counter or Minority or Under-Represented Opinions, April 29, 2013
We all at times jump on bandwagons or go with the flow, and before you know it, some things become status quo or are accepted as conventional wisdom without getting thoroughly thought through. So with this new experiment, we are... Continue

Intersection: A Canon camera recorded the famous 47% Romney video, March 14, 2013
The Intersection is where cameras and photography intersect with the real world in real-world non-pixel-peeping kind of way. At this intersection, it was a Canon camera that recorded the (in)famous 47% Romney video that became a big kerfuffle during the... Continue

Cameraholic Digest: RX1, A99, D600, Eos-M, NEX-6, E-PL5, V2, X-F1, P7700, etc, December 14, 2012
And now let us take a look at some of the latest happenings in the world of camera gear. Completed lens reviews are only posted at the Lens Reviews Stream. In this edition, we are trying an experimental format, inspired... Continue

B&H Photo launches a wave of Camera and Lens Specials, December 13, 2012
It's quasi Black Friday at B&H Photo as they have launched a number of new camera gear specials. If interested, keep in mind that the B&H Photo website does not accept orders between Friday evening and Saturday evening in the... Continue

The Smaller Sensor Digest: Nikon V2, V1, Fuji XF1, E-PL5, G15, S110, LX7, P7700, superzooms, etc, December 3, 2012
We have been trying a new experiment this weekend, we are breaking the Cameraholic Digest into many pieces, in order to catch up with the last two weeks of review-related updates... And now we catch up with a variety of... Continue

New Experimental feature: Permanent Mini Situation Room at top of page, October 30, 2012
We have a new experimental blog feature at the top of the main blog pages. We have morphed the Trade Show Situation room into a permanent mini Situation Room. This will remain at a relatively compact size. It will definitely... Continue

Camera & Lens Reviews pages updated [updated w/experimental feature], October 29, 2012
We updated the latest completed reviews streams for Lenses (latest: yet another Canon 28/2.8 IS review) and Interesting/Serious/Professional/Non-Boring Cameras which include the Olympus E-PL5, Pentax K30, K5 II*, NX20, S110, GF5, D-Lux 6, S800c, J2, and more. Continue

(ENDED) Camera Geeks Cameras on eBay: Terry White's Nikon D700, July 16, 2012
As of a 7/17/12 at 8:50pm ET recheck, this eBay auction ended... Original post is after the jump for reference... If you like to buy or collect cameras used by well-known camera geeks, here is another opportunity, Terry White's Nikon... Continue

Lensaholica: Canon stabilized wide primes analyzed, Olympus 75/1.8 reviewed, June 28, 2012
"Lensaholica" is a new experimental blog feature that highlights impact reviews and/or samples and/or action with newly released lenses. Completed lens reviews, as usual, can be found at the dedicated Lens Reviews mini site. Roger Cicala is back with a... Continue

Sony RX100 and Canon 1D X get Stock Status pages (also: new Modular feature and Realignment), June 7, 2012
We have a number of updates on the Stock Status pages! We have just launched two new stock status pages to track Sony RX100 pre-orders and Canon 1D X pre-orders. Considering that we had three completed RX100 reviews out of... Continue

Deal Digest: Oly E-PL1 body: $150, E-PM1, Q, etc [Gone: A55], April 12, 2012
A number of potentially interesting specials have built up at the Camera Deals blog, so it is time for a Deals Digest here. In this experimental edition we use the same format as the Cameraholic Digest posts. Canon + Canon... Continue

New blog experiment: shortcut icons to hard-to-find camera stock pages, April 4, 2012
We have a new experimental feature on the blog, we have added shortcut icons to the stock status pages of the latest hot and/or hard to find digital cameras at the top of the blog pages. This can make it... Continue

Cameraholic Digest: Samsung NX200 review at dpreview & ORB hunting & lots more, February 28, 2012
And now time for a new edition of the Cameraholic Digest, an experimental new approach to rounding up some of the latest happenings. Samsung NX200 gets the dpreview review We start with today's Talking Points Memo: Samsung fans have been... Continue


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