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Oldest DSLRs without a replacement (as of July 12, 2010) [long post], July 12, 2010
As part of our Photokina 2010 preparations, it is time for another "DSLR ages" chart, taking a look at DSLRs that have yet to have a replacement or follow-up model. In select cases the previous models are also included so... Continue

What new cameras are we getting in 2010? You Decide (polls), July 11, 2010
Photokina 2010 is about two months away, but many of the announcements usually come at different times before the actual trade show begins. So things will start going crazy at some point in July, definitely in August. So now it... Continue

The Ricoh GRD cameras take on the Epson R-D1s, January 10, 2010
It's not often we see the Epson R-D1s digital rangefinder included in a comparison test, so head on over to the Ricoh GRD Diary for part #7 of their review of the Ricoh GRD III. In this post, they image-compare... Continue

Hands-on with the Epson R-D1 digital rangefinder (old is new!), November 19, 2009
In this blast from the past, we look at a new owner of the old Epson R-D1 sharing his first impressions. Continue

Epson jumps on the quality EVF bandwagon, October 15, 2009
Epson has announced new technology that will provide improved electronic viewfinders (EVF) for non-cheap digital cameras. Continue

The Epson firmware surprise - tethered shooting with PhotoViewers, July 31, 2009
A surprise via a firmware update, you can use the Epson P6000 and P7000 photo-viewers for tethered shooting! Continue

Rangefinder party? Epson R-D1x surfaces!, February 26, 2009
Surfacing at the Japanese Epson website is the Epson R-D1x digital rangefinder camera, a new version of the original R-D1! Continue


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