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Reviews Etc (M9, A560, K-r, D3100, E-PL2, GXR P10, GH2 vs A55, etc), March 2, 2011
Time to review some of the latest reviews! For lens reviews, please review the lens reviews box. The categories in today's episode have been twisted to fit the available reviews :) Here we go... Proper DSLRs and RFs + Leica... Continue

Reviews, Etc (80mp Leaf, 60D, A55, A390, E-5, XZ1, GH2, etc), January 31, 2011
Time for a new review round-up! As usual, the latest lens reviews can be found at the lens reviews plank cube. For M43-related reviews, check For elephant reviews, check... ;-) Interchangeable Lens Cameras and Digital Backs + 80mp Leaf... Continue

New Epson Stylus R3000 13-inch (A3) printer is announced and (p)reviewed, January 18, 2011
The rumor season is heating up, but we interrupt the rumor stream with an actual new product announcement! Epson has revealed a brand new printer, the Epson Stylus R3000! The printer will be released in March for $850 (800e, GBP700).... Continue

Reviews, Etc (E-PL2, GH2, D7000, P7000, EX1/TL500, NX11, etc), January 16, 2011
Welcome to a new edition of "Reviews, Etc", the artist formerly known as "Review Train". As usual, for lens reviews, be sure to check the dedicated and shockingly still disciplined Lens Reviews mini-hive. Curious about how the new Olympus E-PL2... Continue

Review Train (Nikon SB700, Pentax K-r, Nokia N8, samples, etc), December 28, 2010
Time for a new review round-up! This segment will get a new and more accurate name in 2011! Lens reviews, as usual, can be found at the (shockingly still disciplined) Lens Reviews mini-site. Lightning Round + Nikon SB-700 at Galbraith... Continue

Review Train (Sony A580, LX5 vs EX1, E-5, Nikon D7000, SB800, FZ100, Kodak SLR/n, etc), December 20, 2010
Welcome to a new edition of the "Review Sleigh", now with real raindeer! We already mentioned the Pentax K-5 judgment day at dpreview and the D7000 "home court" review at Hogan's but since then, new reviews have come out. Let's... Continue

Review Train (Nikon D7000, SB-700 hands-on, GH2 samples, P7000 firmware test, etc), December 14, 2010
For previous editions of the "Review Train" and other review-related posts, please check the Reviews category. For lens reviews, as usual, check the Lens Reviews box, including the new 11-page review of the Voigtlander Nokton 25mm f0.95 at Lens Tip.... Continue

Epson sponsors Manchester United soccer team, loses everybody else, December 1, 2010
Epson has decided to sponsor one of the most famous football/soccer teams in the world, Manchester United says Photo Radar et al. This is great on the surface and all, but when you are deciding to make a high-profile sponsorship,... Continue

Epson may return to the camera market [Epson said], November 27, 2010
Epson representatives were interviewed at Amateur Photographer UK and they revealed they may return to the digital camera market in the future under the right circumstances. They also said they are planning lots of new products. The last time they... Continue

The Age of DSLRs and iLCs: a new visual self-updating reference page (BETA), October 18, 2010
We have new visual reference page that shows the comparative age of the most recent DSLRs and interchangeable lens cameras. This is a live self-updating chart, the camera age is automatically updated every day. The starting point is the official... Continue

Photokina after-the-show-Monday round-up, September 27, 2010
The trade-show may be over, but the reports continue to come in! So here we go with another roundup! After this post, we will have a review round-up of "regular" non-Photokina reviews. (This round-up is now final). General Trade-Show Coverage... Continue

New Epson printers (and more), new Panasonic UHS-I speedy SDHC, Tammy aberrations, September 1, 2010
We are not done yet! There is more stuff. So much so that we are grouping all the smaller announcements together! We still haven't found time to round-up the latest reviews (coming up next, unless there's more new camera announcements).... Continue

Who's praising us now? The EISA 2010-2011 awards are revealed, August 16, 2010
To quote the great philosopher Stephen T. Colbert, most of the camera manufacturer marketing departments are asking today "Who's Praising Us Now?". That's because the 2010-2011 photography EISA awards have been revealed with 16 items receiving awards. EISA is a... Continue

Rumor round-up (Canon 50D/5DMk2 replacements, four new Alpha DSLRs, Samyang lens, new Epson printers), July 29, 2010
The heat is on! We are less than two months away from Photokina and the rumor river is no longer dry! Time to recap some of the latest rumors. Please note rumors are rumors - some may come true, others... Continue

Looking at the results of the "What New Cameras are we getting" polls, July 15, 2010
A few days ago we set up a series of polls, asking you to vote on what cameras you think we are getting in 2010. The polls continue to be open for voting (we never close polls), but this is... Continue


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