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A creative contest for DIYers: build your own functional softbox, May 31, 2011
If you are tired of the retweet-this and retweet-that Twitter contests and want something to get your creative juices flowing, comes to the rescue - their new contest challenges photographers from around the world to build their own creative... Continue

Reviews Etc (Panasonic G3, GH2, Canon 320EX vs 430EX II, superzooms, etc), May 23, 2011
Time for another review round-up. There's Panasonic G3 action, an enlightened Canon civil war, more superzoom action, a DIY Olympus XZ-1 macro adapter, and mo(i)re! Lens review updates continue to be behind schedule. Mirror-Nyet + Panasonic G3 review at Trusted... Continue

Reviews Etc (Sony A580, Canon 320EX, Fuji HS20, GH2 hackery, etc), May 4, 2011
Time to check in with some of the latest lens reviews. As usual, lens reviews can be found at the lens reviews cave. Please note the lens reviews mini-site features completed lens reviews only. Samples, first looks, unboxings, and fluffy... Continue

Goodbye Sony NEX-3: Sony Japan ends production, February 23, 2011
Sony Japan is ending production of the Sony NEX-3 says DC Watch Impress (computer translated). As most of you who follow mirrorless cameras probably know, the NEX-3 lived in the shadow of the NEX-5. But the discontinuation this early is... Continue

Double-sided fanboyism: Putting an iPhone4 inside a Canon DSLR, September 4, 2010
The Republic of Fanboyism shares a border with the Republic of Common Sense, and in this case, featured on Engadget, a Canon + Apple fan managed to empty out a Canon DSLR and fit an iPhone 4 inside. Some find... Continue

DIY: Make your own tilt-shift lens tutorial at Cow.Mooh, August 9, 2010
If you are a DIYer, or like tilt-shift photography, you may be interested in checking out this DIY tutorial on how to make your own tilt-shift lens by Bhautik Joshi at Cow.Mooh! The starting point is the project page, and... Continue

Review Train (Sony NEX-5 w/really old lenses, GXR A12 DIY diffuser, LX3 vs EX1, Panasonic 3D camcorder, etc), August 4, 2010
Time for another edition of the "Review Train". This time we start in Japan where Japanese website DC Watch Impress has been very busy. If you love old lenses and Sony NEXxies, you will be thrilled to check out their... Continue

DIY: Record HD-Video with older Canon DSLRs (40D, 450D/XSi) that have Live View (connected to computer), July 19, 2010
If you have a Canon DSLRs that came out before the HD-dSLR-Video craze, and you do want to shoot video, there is hope! There is a detailed article on how to do this at The camera has to be... Continue

More iPhone + SLR lens geekery: this one actually records video!, July 18, 2010
Unlike the iPhone DSLR which is more of a geekery "art project", this next one actually records actual videos. You can watch the 2-minute video recorded with the setup on Vimeo, produced by Vid-Atlantic Media productions. Pictures of the setup... Continue

DIY: Home-made lenses revisited!, June 30, 2010
If you are the DIY-type, and enjoy challenging yourself to build things, then you may be interested in this newly refreshed blog-post at where their home-made lenses are revisited! Warning: don't let Barbara Walters see the pictures, she will... Continue

DIY: Turn your DSLR into a Digital Holga, June 17, 2010
If you are feeling a little DIY, an intern at Instructables has posted step by step instructions on how to turn your DSLR (yes, DSLR, not a typo) into a ...Digital Holga. Why would you do this? Well, because you... Continue

And now something fun..., April 27, 2010
And now time for something completely different :) If you use lighting setups and you want to communicate or share your set-up, you can use pen-and-paper to draw it up, or a dry-erase board, or use computers! One such utility... Continue

Lensaholic round-up (samples, reviews, and two DIY projects), April 21, 2010
We take a look at the lens-related action, with BIGMA samples, reviews, and two DIY projects, a soda-can fisheye and an AF adapter for the Samsung NX10. Continue

DIY: Turn Ninendo DS into a Canon DSLR controller , March 12, 2010
If you are the DIY type, you can convert a Nintendo DS into a Canon DSLR controller! Continue

The BigShot: Assemble and disassemble a digital camera (for kids of all ages), November 11, 2009
The BigShot Camera is under development and it is designed to be taken apart and rebuilt for education purposes. Continue


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