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DIY: Epson R-D1 battery life boost without modding the camera itself, February 13, 2014
While it is raining cameras in the DSLR and mirrorless segments, it is mostly quiet in the world of digital rangefinders. So if you are a fan of digital rangefindering but not too hot on digital Leicas, the options are... Continue

DIY with 3D printer: a film SLR camera with custom mount ring (open source design), July 8, 2013
While we don't have Star Trek replicators or transporters just yet, we are slowly getting there. The new wave of 3D printers are offering a little bit of both. People can and do come up with crafty ideas! Case in... Continue

DIY: Print your existing pictures in 3D - 3D as in adding a thickness dimension, not 3D glasses 3D, May 28, 2013
3D in movies and consumer electronics media consumption was not greeted as a liberator, but 3D in DIY and hack projects is slowly but steadily building geek-momentum. With more early adopters having access to 3D printers, crafty geeks are coming... Continue

Camera Geekery: putting a Sony NEX-5N insides inside a Nikon Nikkormat, January 27, 2013
Camera Geekery time now - you can watch from afar without any risk to your equipment, unless you are a boldly-going DIYer and want to attempt this with your own equipment - at your own risk. Here we go... Brendan... Continue

Assembling the Sony RX1 camera in 5 minutes (Sony video), January 21, 2013
The Sony Electronics YouTube channel published a five minute video showing in three parallel windows three hot Sony products du jour being assembled. The Sony RX1 is one of the three products and it is in the top left corner... Continue

Hardcore: Convert a Sony NEX-6 to Infrared (step by step text and video), November 15, 2012
This is hardcore camera geekery! Do not try this at home unless you really know what you are doing. has published a tutorial for converting a Sony NEX-6 mirrorless camera for infrared photography. Their tutorial has a step by... Continue

Lowly Canon A570 P&S turned into Space Camera by geeky teen, September 11, 2012
While we anxiously await for the next great miracles and wonders of Photokina 2012, we are reminded by this next viral story that just because you don't have the latest and greatest camera gear, it doesn't mean you can't take... Continue

DIY Geekery: convert a Pentax K10D for IR photography, September 11, 2012
Hardcore DIY geekery time! If you feel like DIYing and you have a Pentax K10D DSLR lying around, you can convert it to an IR (infra red) Photography camera following the steps outlined by Jerry Biehler at DIY Photography. The... Continue

Geekery: what's inside the Olympus 75mm f1.8 (m43rds)?, July 16, 2012
Lens Geekery time now at Lens Rentals where they physically take apart the brand new Olympus 75mm f1.8 (m43rds) prime lens. What did they find inside? As usual, we won't leak the light here, so be sure to check it... Continue

Cameraholic Digest: Samsung NX200 review at dpreview & ORB hunting & lots more, February 28, 2012
And now time for a new edition of the Cameraholic Digest, an experimental new approach to rounding up some of the latest happenings. Samsung NX200 gets the dpreview review We start with today's Talking Points Memo: Samsung fans have been... Continue

Geekery in progress: Canon EF lenses on the Nokia N8, January 24, 2012
There is an in-progress DIY camera geekery project in the works allowing Canon EF mount lenses to be used on the Nokia N8 smartphone, one of the smartphones that has received praise for its photographic skills. Details on this in-progress... Continue

DIY Fun: A Nikon D3 Halloween Outfit (you can do it too!), October 25, 2011
And now something fun and DIY-fun! Looking for Halloween Outfit ideas? How about a "Nikon D3" DIY outfit? That's what photographer Tyler Card did. He created his own "Nikon D3" full-body Halloween costume and he also posted a "Making Of"... Continue

Hands-on with the Samsung NX200 ...mock-up (+ actual shutter sound?), August 30, 2011
As of Sept-1-2011, the camera has been officially announced. The rumoralia is after the jump for historical purposes... The Samsung NX200 may be the first digital camera to have a physical mockup of itself made by a camera fan before... Continue

Camera fanfic to the next level: user-created physical mockup of "Samsung NX200", August 20, 2011
"Camera fanfic" has been taken to a whole new level - a photographer created an actual physical mockup of an alleged "Samsung NX200" camera based on leaks, R&D pictures and speculation! See the pictures of the physical user-created mockup at... Continue

Dissected: Pentax 21mm f3.2 DA Limited pancake lens, July 11, 2011
One DIYer photographer in the Xitek forums (computer translated) decided to fix a problem with his Pentax 21mm f3.2 AL DA Limited pancake lens, and along the way, he documented his dissection of the lens (via Rice High). Continue


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