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The Digital Camera List

<p><p><p><p><p><p><p><p>Digital Camera List at 1001 Noisy Cameras</p></p></p></p></p></p></p></p>

Welcome to the DC List! Here you will find all the current and recent digital cameras listed in five different categories. For a detailed explanation of this table, please jump to the bottom of the table. Last update on March 31st, 2009

This giant table is more useful at screen resolutions of 1280 pixels or wider. If you are at 1024 or less, decreasing the font size may help.

This page has grown to unmanageably long size! We will try to come up with a better way of displaying this. It will not be updated with new cameras until a new design is launched. If you have any suggestions or objections, please let us know.

The Digital Camera Reference List
DSLR, D-RF, M43 Sensors 1/1.8"+ Superzooms LiIon battery AA battery
Canon 1Ds Mk III
Canon 1D Mk III
Canon 5D Mk II
Canon 5D (Mk I)
Canon 50D
Canon 40D
Canon 30D
Canon T1i 500D
Canon XSi 450D
Canon XS 1000D
Canon XTi 400D
Canon XT 350D
Canon G10 (RAW)
Canon G9 (RAW)
Canon A650-IS
Canon SD990 IS
Canon SD950 IS
Canon SD900
Canon S5 IS
Canon SX1 IS (RAW)
Canon SX10 IS
Canon SX200 IS
Canon SX110-IS
Canon SX100-IS
Canon TX-1
Canon SD880-IS
Canon SD970 IS
Canon SD960 IS
Canon SD890-IS
Canon SD870-IS
Canon SD850-IS
Canon SD800
Canon SD790-IS
Canon SD780 IS
Canon SD770-IS
Canon SD750
Canon SD1200 IS
Canon SD1100-IS
Canon SD1000
Canon A720 IS
Canon A590IS
Canon A2100 IS
Canon A2000 IS
Canon A1100 IS
Canon A1000 IS
Canon A580
Canon A570IS
Canon A560
Canon A470
Canon A460
Canon E1
Nikon D3X
Nikon D3
Nikon D700
Nikon D300
Nikon D200
Nikon D90
Nikon D80
Nikon D5000
Nikon D60
Nikon D40x
Nikon D40
Nikon P6000 (RAW)
Nikon P5100
Nikon P5000
Nikon S710
Nikon S700
Nikon P90
Nikon P80
Nikon L100
Nikon S10
Nikon S630
Nikon S620
Nikon S610c
Nikon S610
Nikon S600
Nikon S560
Nikon S550
Nikon S520
Nikon S510
Nikon S230
Nikon S225
Nikon S220
Nikon S210
Nikon S60
Nikon S52c
Nikon S52
Nikon S51c
Nikon S51
Nikon P60
Nikon P50
Nikon L20
Nikon L19
Nikon L18
Nikon L16
Nikon L15
Nikon L14
Sony A900
Sony A700
Sony A380
Sony A350
Sony A330
Sony A300
Sony A230
Sony A200
Sony A100
Sony W300
Sony S800
Sony HX1
Sony H50
Sony H9
Sony H7
Sony H20
Sony H10
Sony H3
Sony T900
Sony T700
Sony T500
Sony T300
Sony T200
Sony T90
Sony T77
Sony T70
Sony T20
Sony T2
Sony G3
Sony G1
Sony W290
Sony W270
Sony W170
Sony W230
Sony W220
Sony W190
Sony W180
Sony W150
Sony W130
Sony W120
Sony W110
Sony W90
Sony W80
Sony W55
Sony S980
Sony S950
Sony S930
Sony S780
Sony S750
Sony S730
Kodak Z1485 IS
Kodak Z1285
Kodak Z1275
Kodak Z1085 IS
Kodak V1273
Kodak V1073
Kodak V1253
Kodak V1233
Kodak V1003
Kodak V803
Kodak Z885
Kodak Z980 (RAW?)
Kodak Z1015 IS (RAW)
Kodak Z1012 IS
Kodak Z915
Kodak Z812 IS
Kodak Z712 IS
Kodak Z8612 IS
Kodak ZD710
Kodak M420
Kodak M380
Kodak M340
Kodak M320
Kodak M1093 IS
Kodak M1073 IS
Kodak M1063
Kodak M1033
Kodak M893 IS
Kodak M883
Kodak M873
Kodak M863
Kodak M763
Kodak M753
Kodak C180
Kodak C913
Kodak C813
Kodak C763
Kodak C743
Kodak C713
Kodak C633
Kodak C613
Kodak C513
Olympus E3
Olympus E30
Olympus E620
Olympus E520
Olympus E510
Olympus E450
Olympus E420
Olympus E410
Olympus E-P1
Stylus 1200
Stylus 810
Olympus SP590uz (RAW?)
Olympus SP570uz (RAW)
Olympus SP565uz
Olympus SP560uz (RAW)
Olympus SP550uz
Stylus 9000
Stylus TOUGH 8000
Stylus TOUGH 6000
Stylus 1050SW
Stylus 1030SW
Stylus 850SW
Stylus 795SW
Stylus 790SW
Stylus 770SW
Stylus 550WP
Stylus 7000
Stylus 5000
Stylus 1060
Stylus 1040
Stylus 1020
Stylus 1010
Stylus 840
Stylus 830
Stylus 820
Stylus 780
Olympus FE-5010
Olympus X915
Olympus FE-3010
Olympus FE-3000
Olympus X890
Olympus FE-370
Olympus FE-360
Olympus FE-350
Olympus FE-340
Olympus FE-330
Olympus FE-320
Olympus FE-290
Olympus FE-45
Olympus FE35
Olympus FE-25
Olympus FE-20
Olympus FE-310
Fuji S5 Pro
Fuji IS Pro
Fuji S100fs  (RAW)
Fuji IS-1 (RAW)
Fuji S9100/S9600 (RAW)
Fuji S9000/S9500 (RAW)
Fuji S6000/S6500
Fuji E900 (RAW)
Fuji F200 EXR
Fuji F100fd
Fuji F60fd
Fuji F50fd
Fuji F47fd
Fuji F45fd/F40fd
Fuji F31fd
Fuji A920
Fuji A820
Fuji S9100/S9600 (RAW)
Fuji S9000/S9500 (RAW)
Fuji S6000/S6500
Fuji S8100fd
Fuji S8000fd
Fuji S2000hd
Fuji S1500fd
Fuji S1000fd
Fuji S5800
Fuji S700/S5700
Fuji Z300fd
Fuji Z250fd
Fuji Z200fd
Fuji Z100fd
Fuji Z33wp
Fuji Z30fd
Fuji Z20fd
Fuji Z10fd
Fuji Z5fd
Fuji F480
Fuji J250
Fuji J150w
Fuji J120
Fuji J110w
Fuji J100
Fuji J50
Fuji J20
Fuji J10
Fuji BigJob HD-3W
Fuji A150
Fuji A100
Fuji A850
Pentax K7
Pentax K20D
Pentax K10D
Pentax K200D
Pentax K2000/K-m
Pentax A40
Pentax A30
Pentax S12
Pentax S10
Pentax X70 Pentax P70
Pentax W80
Pentax W60
Pentax W30
Pentax Z10
Pentax V20
Pentax M60
Pentax M50
Pentax M40
Pentax M30
Pentax E75
Pentax E70L
Pentax E70
Pentax E60
Pentax E50
Pentax E40
Casio EX-F1 (RAW)
Casio EX-Z1200
Casio EX-Z1080
Casio EX-Z1050
Casio EX-F1 (RAW)
Casio EX-FH20 (RAW)
Casio EX-F10
Casio EX-FC100
Casio EX-FS10
Casio EX-V8
Casio EX-S10
Casio EX-S880
Casio EX-Z400
Casio EX-Z300
Casio EX-Z270
Casio EX-Z250
Casio EX-Z200
Casio EX-Z150
Casio EX-Z100
Casio EX-Z770
Casio EX-Z85
Casio EX-Z80
Casio EX-Z77
Casio EX-Z75
Casio EX-Z29
Casio EX-Z19
Casio EX-Z9
Casio EX-S12
Casio EX-S5 (aka EX-Z1)
Panasonic L1
Panasonic L10
Panasonic GH1
Panasonic G1
Panasonic FZ50 (RAW)
Panasonic LX3 (RAW)
Panasonic LX2 (RAW)
Panasonic FX150 (RAW)
Panasonic FX100
Panasonic FZ50 (RAW)
Panasonic FZ28 (RAW)
Panasonic FZ18 (RAW)
Panasonic FZ8 (RAW)
Panasonic TZ50
Panasonic TZ7 (ZS3)
Panasonic TZ6 (ZS1)
Panasonic TZ5
Panasonic TZ4
Panasonic TZ3
Panasonic TZ2
Panasonic FT1, TS1
Panasonic FX550/FX580
Panasonic FX500
Panasonic FX40/FX48
Panasonic FX37
Panasonic FX35
Panasonic FX55
Panasonic FX33
Panasonic FS12
Panasonic FS42
Panasonic FS62
Panasonic FS25
Panasonic FS15
Panasonic FS20
Panasonic FS7
Panasonic FS6
Panasonic FS5
Panasonic FS3
Panasonic FX12
Panasonic FX10
Panasonic LZ10
Panasonic LZ8
Panasonic LZ7
Panasonic LS85
Panasonic LS80
Leica S2
Leica M8.2
Leica M8
Leica Digilux 3
Leica V-Lux 1 (RAW)
Leica D-Lux 4  (RAW)
Leica D-Lux 3  (RAW)
Leica V-Lux 1 (RAW) Leica C-Lux 3
Leica C-Lux 2
Ricoh GX200 (RAW)
Ricoh GX100 (RAW)
Ricoh GRD II (RAW)
Ricoh GRD I (RAW)
Ricoh 500SE
Ricoh CX1
Ricoh R10
Ricoh R8
Ricoh R7
Ricoh G600
Ricoh RR770
Ricoh RR750
Samsung GX20
Samsung GX10
Samsung NV100hd/TL34hd
Samsung L310w/SL310w
Samsung NV20
Samsung NV15
Samsung NV8
Samsung NV11
Samsung NV10
Samsung S1050
Samsung S1030
Samsung S1000
Samsung S850
Samsung S830
Samsung S800
Samsung HZ15w (WB550)
Samsung HZ10w (WB500)
Samsung HZ1
Samsung TL320 (WB100)
Samsung TL100 (ST50)
Samsung ST10
Samsung SL820 (IT100)
Samsung SL720 (PL70)
Samsung SL502 (PL55)
Samsung NV24hd
Samsung NV40
Samsung NV30
Samsung NV9
Samsung NV7 OPS
Samsung NV5
Samsung NV4
Samsung NV3
Samsung L74w
Samsung L77
Samsung L83T
Samsung L73
Samsung L70
Samsung L60
Samsung PL65 (SL620)
Samsung SL420 (PL60)
Samsung SL202 (PL50)
Samsung SL102 (ES55)
Samsung ES50
Samsung SL30 (ES15)
Samsung ES17
Samsung ES10
Samsung L210
Samsung L201/SL201
Samsung L200
Samsung L110
Samsung L100
Samsung L830
Samsung L730
Samsung L700
Samsung i100
Samsung i85
Samsung i80
Samsung i8
Samsung i70
Samsung i7
Samsung S1070
Samsung S1060
Samsung S85
Samsung S860
Samsung S760
Samsung S750
Samsung S730
Samsung S700
Samsung S73
Sigma SD15
Sigma SD14
Sigma DP2 (RAW)
Sigma DP1 (RAW)
Epson R-D1x

The five columns of the Digital Camera List Table

  1. First column shows all the DSLRs (interchangeable lens) and digital rangefinder(s)
  2. Then fixed lens digital cameras, starting with cameras with sensors 1/1.8" or larger.
  3. The third column features the superzooms. For completeness we are including the cameras from the previous column. This is the only duplication in the table.
  4. The fourth column features digital cameras with sensors smaller than 1/1.8" that use LiIon batteries.
  5. The fifth column features AA-based digital cameras with sensors smaller than 1/1.8".

Clarifications and disambiguations

  1. All DSLRs offer RAW. Non-DSLR cameras with RAW have a RAW next to their name.
  2. The one digital rangefinder (Leica M8) is listed under DSLRs for organizational purposes. It would be a waste of space to create a new column for just one camera
  3. Superzooms are defined to be digital cameras with a lens that has a room ratio of 10X or more.
  4. At this point we are focusing on the brands listed above. Other manufacturers, like Sanyo, HP, GE, Rolleiflex, Minox, Voigtlander, Kenko, BenQ, AgfaPhoto, Vivitar, Jenoptik, Praktika, Norcent, Polaroid, DXG, Digital Concepts, Aiptek, VuPoint, Hello Kitty, etc, might be added at a later time on a time-permitting and interest-level basis.
  5. Over time we will try to include all names for each camera model. The default names used in the table are the ones used in the North American market


  1. Manufacturer websites
  2. B&H Photo
  3. dpreview
  4. Amazon
  5. Adorama
  6. J&R World
  7. (excellent navigation)
  8. Fuji UK (nicely organized)
  9. Circuit City
  10. Walmart (all apologies)

DSLR Overviews: [Nikon] [Canon] [Sony] [Pentax] [Olympus] [Leica] [Panasonic]



Sigma DP1 and DP2 should not be in the column they are... Why not put them in the first one ?


Good question! Right now, the first column is all the interchangeable lens cameras. So are you suggesting that the first column be renamed to be cameras with sensors that are Four Thirds size or larger? The only change (given the current cameras) would be that the DP1/DP2 move to the first column.

There is limited horizontal space, so I can't really create any extra columns without requiring screens at 1600 or wider.

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