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Most popular camera-diaries in June+July 2009, August 27, 2009
In this edition, we look at the most popular digital camera diaries of June and July 2009 combined. Continue

Most popular camera-diaries in May 2009, June 17, 2009
Fun with blog statistics again, this time we have the most popular camera-diaries for the month of May 2009! Continue

Most popular camera diaries in April 2009, May 21, 2009
We present the most popular "camera diaries" for the month of April 2009! Continue

Hot Camera Diaries update (part #1 complete), February 1, 2009
A new progress report on the update of the hot camera diaries, spotlighting tidbits from the blogosphere on some of the hottest cameras around. Continue

Hot Camera Diaries updates is now complete, January 14, 2009
This is an on-going progress reports of the hot-camera updates, starting with the Pentax K30D rumor-diary, the Panasonic LX3 and the new Canon 5D Mark II blog. Continue

The evolution of the Canon 5D Mark II Diary - it becomes a new blog!, January 13, 2009
Today we are launching Version 3.0 of the "hot camera diaries" in the form of a regular blog. The latest 5DMk2 "diary updates" will be posted in a traditional blog format. Continue

"Hot Camera" Diaries update is now complete, January 10, 2009
An on-going weekend update of our "hot camera diaries", featuring tidbits from around the web on some of the hottest camears around. Continue

Hot Camera Diaries update (update is complete), January 3, 2009
A new round-up of updates of some of the hottest digital cameras around, and at the same time, the launch of the Pentax K30D rumor diary. Continue

Hot Camera "Diary" updates!, December 28, 2008
A new mega-update of the nine hot digital cameras we track in the Diaries. The most updates came from the Nikon D700 and the Panasonic G1, with the Sony A900 being the most "quiet". Continue

Hot Camera "Diaries" updated!, December 21, 2008
A new round-up of updates for the "hot cameras" we keep track of - the mini-fan-clubs if you like. Continue

Diary Updates: New 5Dmk2 samples and videos and other stories, December 13, 2008
A new diary update featuring more reports on the 5DMk2, a new G10 review and lots more. And don't forget to vote in the Blog Referendum! Continue

Diaries mega-update is complete, December 5, 2008
A mega-catchup of updates from around the net on eight of the hottest digital cameras around. Continue

Diary Updates in progress..., December 5, 2008
We have finally set aside a block of time to catch up with the backlog and start updating the hot camera diaries. Once this mega-update is completed, we'll post a summary. This should probably take a few hours as we... Continue

New Hot Camera Diary updates and some housekeeping, November 23, 2008
New updates on some of the hottest digital cameras, including new reviews, opinions, tutorials and availability. Also a couple of blog housekeeping items. Continue

Hot Camera round-up (new diary updates), November 18, 2008
Updates on some of the hottest camera of the year, including interviews, hands-on first impressions, opinions, user reactions and lots more. Continue


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