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d5000 archives (42 posts)

Review Train (D5000 vs GF1, CX2 vs CX3 and more confrontations), April 15, 2010
In this edition of the "Review Train", we have a "confrontational" theme, comparisons between different duets of cameras. Continue

AlphaMountWorld opines on A500 vs D5000 vs T1i/500D, December 20, 2009
Alpha Mount World compares the Alpha A500, Canon D-Rebel T1i/500D and Nikon D5000 Continue

Sensor comparison: Pentax K-x vs Nikon D700 vs D5000 (ISO, dynamic range), December 11, 2009
Lumo Labs sensor-compares the Nikon D700, D5000 and Pentax K-x in the areas of ISO/Noise and dynamic range. Continue

The Serious Compacts shootout has began: DP2 vs GRD3 vs D5000 vs GH1, September 13, 2009
Part #1 of the Serious Compacts shootout has began featuring the Ricoh GRD III, Sigma DP2, Nikon D5000, and Panasonic GH1. Continue

Thom Hogan strikes back with E-P1 and D5000 reviews, new book, and more, September 5, 2009
Thom Hogan is back with two reviews (E-P1, D5000), a new camera-guide, and more articles and rants! Continue

Nikon Europe tries to explain the D5000 secondary recall, August 20, 2009
Nikon Europe issues an explanatory notice on the D5000 secondary recall, but the problem is not just in Europe as evidence by the forum letter of a few days ago. Continue

From Snapshots to Great Shots (Nikon D5000) by Jeff Revell is now shipping, August 14, 2009
Jeff Revell's third-book in the "From Snapshots to Great Shots" series features the Nikon D5000. Continue

Nikon FAIL: recalled D5000 units get an additional recall, August 13, 2009
Nikon's D5000 problems escalate as the company issues an additional recall to the already recalled DSLRs. Continue

Thom hogan has tips for Nikon D5000 owners dealing with service advisory, July 27, 2009
Thom Hogan offers some tips to Nikon users who may be "suffering" from the Nikon D5000 service advisory. Continue

Dissecting the Nikon D5000 serial numbers, July 26, 2009 has put on their geeky hats and looked further inside the Nikon serial numbers. A short program to help in this is included! Continue

Nikon D5000 users are finding out if they have a faulty component, July 24, 2009
As promised, Nikon has provided a way for D5000 users to check whether their serial number requires the complimentary fix or not. Continue

Trouble with tribbles: Power issues with some Nikon D5000 models, July 16, 2009
Nikon acknowledges a power-related issue with select Nikon D5000 units and offers free servicing to fix it. Continue

Imaging Resource finalizes their Nikon D5000 review, July 5, 2009
Imaging Resource has just finalized the review of the Nikon D5000 dSLR, making it a total of 25 reviews on the camera so far. Continue

Nikon D5000 gets analyzed by Quesabesde, June 29, 2009
Quesabesde has posted their findings on the Nikon D5000! Grab your computer-translator if you cannot read Spanish! Continue

Portrait of the Nikon D5000 as a Video DSLR, June 25, 2009
Terry White reviews the Nikon D5000 as a video-dSLR as he purchased this camera for its video capabilities and the versatility that provides. Continue


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