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CP Plus in Japan archives (27 posts)

Hands-on with the new cameras and CP+ Trade Show Floor round-up, February 13, 2014
As it is often the case with important Trade Shows, we get a flurry of new product announcements on the eve of the official opening of the doors. In this post, we round up hands-on reports and previews of some... Continue

Pentax interview with PentaxForums is finally translated, February 20, 2012
The oft-teased at the PentaxForums interview with Pentax marketing dude at CP+ with a PentaxForums representative has now been translated to English at the PentaxForums News Blog in a 17-minute video with the answers in Japanese with English subtitles, and... Continue

CP+ 2012 Round-Up Episode II: The Trade Show Menace, February 10, 2012
Time to remotely catch up with today's action at the Japanese CP+ trade show! If you missed yesterday's round-up, check it out. You can read them in any order, there are no cliff-hangers :) Get a Feel of the CP+... Continue

Mirrorless Big In Japan: CIPA publishes DSLR vs Mirrorless shipment data by region, February 9, 2012
CIPA is also taking part in the festivities of the CP Plus Trade Show, and DC Watch Impress has published a report from the CIPA presentation (computer-translated). Of great interest is this pie chart that shows the DSLR vs Mirrorless... Continue

Fuji showing M-mount adapter for X-Pro at CP+, February 9, 2012
We take a quick break from the CP+ round-up with a new development: at the CP+ trade show, La Vida Leica has spotted at the Fuji booth, behind glass, an adapter that will allow Leica M-lenses to be mounted on... Continue

CP+ 2012 Trade Show Floor round-up (E-M5, X-Pro, D800, Merrills, K-01, etc), February 9, 2012
With all the news of the last few days, we almost forgot that the actual CP+ trade show is also taking place :) Time for a mega-round-up! (Also: the mystery of the big black scary looking Darth Vader bus is... Continue

Sony shows new NEX roadmap for 2012 & 2013, February 8, 2012
But wait there's more! At CP+ in Japan, Sony revealed a brand new lens roadmap for the NEX system, covering 2012 and 2013. Details at dpreview and Imaging Resource. Now that we caught up with all (?) the new camera... Continue

CP+: Tokina will be showing 70-200mm f4 SLR lens and 300mm mirror (M43rds), February 3, 2012
Tokina will be showing a 70-200mm f4 FX stabilized SLR lens at the Japanese CP+ trade show in Japan writes This is not a rumor, it has been posted at the Japanese Tokina website (computer translated) that also mentions... Continue

Even more CP+ 2011 action (Megapixel, Photo Review,, etc), February 13, 2011
The CP+ 2011 trade show has ended, but the reports from the trade show floor continue to come out on the internets! You can catch-up or freshen-up with the previously posted CP+ 2011 announcement summary. For previous round-ups, check the... Continue

More CP+ 2011 action (Fuji X100, Sigma SD1, Nikon P500, P300, etc), February 11, 2011
It is early Saturday morning in Japan, so let's see some of the Friday updates from the CP+ 2011 trade show floor from Focus Numerique and DC Watch Impress! We also just spotted extensive coverage at, so we catch... Continue

More CP+ action: Sigma and medium format, February 10, 2011
A couple more updates from the CP+ trade show have been posted at Japanese website DC Watch Impress! First up, they round up the medium format action, and then they visit the busy Sigma booth that includes a series of... Continue

Action from the CP+ trade show floor (Cosina, JVC GC-PX1, M43rds, etc), February 10, 2011
The CP+ Trade show continues in Japan, and it is now time to round-up some of the latest postings from the internets. If you are just now catching up, check the announcement summary and yesterday's trade show floor round-up. Here... Continue

CP+ 2011 pictures and sounds from the Trade Show Floor, February 9, 2011
Now that the gear news appears to have slowed down and the day winds down in Japan, let's take a look at some of the sights and sounds from the CP+ 2011 trade show floor! Canon + T3/1100D in red,... Continue

Pentax shows GPS unit for DSLRs, MF lens road-map, February 9, 2011
DC Watch Impress continues their CP+ 2011 coverage with a visit to the Pentax Booth, where among other things they have a picture of a not-yet-announced medium-telephoto lens for 645D and a Pentax 645 lens road map showing what looks... Continue

The CP+ 2011 Trade Show Situation Room, February 9, 2011
With so many waves of announcements, it is time for a quick recap of all the things that happened in the last few hours: + new Cosina Voigtlander lenses: Nokton 35mm f1.2 (M-mount) and 75mm f1.8 SLR lens (Canon, Nikon)... Continue


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