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Comic Relief: the impact of Selfies, March 3, 2014
And now some comic relief. The word "selfie" refuses to go away. Some may think this whole selfie thing is taking photography back a few years in some ways. Regardless of how you feel about "selfies", comedian Kumail Nanjiani (Portlandia,... Continue

Laugh Out Loud Nao: two new Camera and Photography Comedy/Parody/Satire blogs, January 16, 2014
Taking life too seriously is a guaranteed way to make life more miserable. Smile and laughter are the miracle cures. Oops, this is not the "Noisy Affirmations" blog. There are thousands of photography websites and blogs and forums, and quite... Continue

FAIL: Walmart wants you to Empty All Tanks of Flammable Liquids Before Returning a Canon Elph 115 IS camera, November 19, 2013
While checking for the latest specials, we found something rather strange. We wanted to add this Canon Elph 115 IS bundle at Walmart to the shopping cart to see its sale price. Instead of seeing a price, we saw a... Continue

Video Duel: Canon T5i (700D) vs Nikon D5200 - Loser Gets Destroyed (literally!), July 2, 2013
Stress relief time! In this six minute infotainment video, Improve Photography squares off the Canon Digital Rebel T5i aka 700D with the Nikon D5200, yet another battle in the never-ending war between Canon and Nikon. A definite winner is picked... Continue

Oddities: Giant Chair for Humans that looks like a Canon 8-15mm f4L lens, June 5, 2013
From the Oddities department... We are all taught at an early photographic age not to sit on our camera gear. But, but, but, what if the camera gear is actually a chair? A chair that looks like a lens? A... Continue

Superzooms now have the Majority of New Fixed Lens Cameras in 2013, January 29, 2013
With today's crazy wave of new camera announcements, the Superzooms have claimed a very thin majority among new fixed lens digital cameras announced in 2013. They can now form a government and rule over the world of P&S cameras without... Continue

Pretty Fly for a DSLR Guy (Sony Australia viral videos of proudly mis-informed DSLR fauxtographers), November 14, 2012
Sony Australia decided to try something different to get the attention of potential Sony camera buyers. They developed a series of short parody+satire videos featuring over-zealous and proudly-misinformed DSLR fauxtographers making the most of their cluelessness. You can find them... Continue

Presidential Debate 2012: Mr. DSLR vs Mr. Mirrorless, October 16, 2012
Moderator: We would like to welcome our in-studio and online audiences to the Annenberg Space for Photography in beautiful Los Angeles for the Republic of Camera Presidential Debate 2012, featuring Mr. DSLR and Mr. Mirrorless. Our studio audience is comprised... Continue

iPhone 5 users discover Lens Flare and Deep Purple, October 7, 2012
With millions of new iPhone 5 users all around the world, it was only a matter of time before some of them pointed the camera outside on a sunny day, and they discovered, the hard way, lens flare and deep... Continue

Fun Times: megapixel wars on Dilbert (20mp iPhone camera), September 6, 2012
The megapixel wars have not escaped Dilbert! The Sunday September 2, 2012 comic strip opens with a rumor of a 20-megapixel iPhone camera, leapfrogging the current 16 and 18 megapixels of existing 1/2.x" digital cameras and smartphones. The strip also... Continue

Self-Serving Myth-Information, KR-style, August 20, 2012
A certain politician from the great state of Missouri was not the only one to jump the shark this week. "Super guru" Ken Rockwell posted a self-serving myth-information post, suggesting something along the lines of camera manufacturers sending the good... Continue

LOLcameras: Leica M9 Monochrome review (Palin style), May 21, 2012
And now, it is LOLcameras, with a 4-minute YouTube review of the Leica M Monochrom(e), which you can also find embedded below. The matter of fact style of the "reviewer" masks some of the zingers. Pay close attention! If you... Continue

From the Joan Collins department: Hasselblad celebrates Leica adapter, May 14, 2012
If this was a cartoon, it would have a giant Meow! bubble at the end. Hasselblad is celebrating with a press release the launch of a Leica adapter for S-series Leica bodies to use Hasselblad H-series lenses. You don't have... Continue

Viral Oddities: Stock Photography subjects get their 15 minutes, April 8, 2012
The human subjects of stock photography photos are getting their 15 minutes (or perhaps 15 seconds) of fame in a round-about way this week thanks to comedian-politician Al Franken who decided to "humanize" stock photo subjects as part of a... Continue

Space Oddity: Olympus E-PL3 Mirror Lockup option, January 25, 2012
Here is yet another example of the unintended consequences of releasing waves upon waves of new camera models without setting aside enough time to finalize the releases. @PhotoLari (of Quesabesde) has spotted a "Raise Mirror" option in the Olympus E-PL3... Continue


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