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Recount: Casio launches four new cameras (two more were announced in late 2011), January 9, 2012
Casio has announced six new digital cameras for CES/PMA 2012, however, the top two of them, EX-ZR200 (12.5x optical zoom) and EX-ZR15 (7x optical zoom) were already announced in some markets in late 2011. Thanks to @aafuss for pointing it... Continue

Reviews (X10, GX1, NX200, Q, Titan, compact-zooms, etc), December 21, 2011
Time for check what the Review Santa brought in today ;-) For lens reviews, check the Lens Reviews cafe and for completed camera reviews, check the Camera Reviews cafe. Refills are not free! Interchangeables + Panasonic GX1 at CNet Asia... Continue

Reviews Mega-Roundup (GX1, X10, S100, NEX-7, -5n, NX200, A77, A65, E-PM1, CX, Q, etc), December 5, 2011
Reckoning time! We try to attempt to try to round up many of the reviews since before (!) the Black Friday madness. Fill up the coffee machine and the tea kettle at the same time, this is a long and... Continue

New Casio EX-ZR200 compact-zoom and Fuji C25 P&S, November 13, 2011
We have two more quietly announced cameras, and it looks like a mirror of the previous post, a 12.5x compact-zoom and a basic P&S! Casio EX-ZR200 compact-zoom + new 12.5x compact-zoom (24-300mm eq) + 16mp 1/2.3" backlit CMOS sensor +... Continue

Reviews (Phase One IQ180 digital-back Dxomark, K-5, GF3, superzooms, etc), October 15, 2011
And now let's check some of the latest reviews. Lots of superzooms are part of today's action, along with the Dxomark-ing of a digital back, and lots mo(i)re... Interchangeable Things + Phase One IQ 180 digital back RAW sensor data... Continue

Reviews (NEX-7 first look, E-P3, superzooms, etc), October 12, 2011
Today's latest reviewalia action is highlighted by a Sony NEX-7 first look and ISO comparison, along with the usual mirrorless + superzoom review action... Interchangeable Lens Cameras + Sony NEX-7 first look and ISO comparison (vs E-P3, X100) at Steve... Continue

Reviews (Nikon V1, J1, etc) & Previews (Noktor 12/1.6, E-PM1, GRD4), October 7, 2011
And now time to check some of the latest reviews and previews. The latest samples are rounded up separately in order to keep the posts at a readable size... SLR Gear Noktor 12mm 1.6 action + two real-world video tests... Continue

Hot Samples, Sleepless Nights (Fuji X10 (X-Ten), Nikon J1, P7100, AW100, etc), October 7, 2011
There are lots of new samples and new reviews/previews, so we broke today's round-up in two! Here come some samples from cameras that may keep some photographers up all night pondering and debating and pixel-peepating... + Fuji X10 full-size samples... Continue

New Casio EX-ZR15 P&S camera with 7X zoom, 16mp 1/2.3" CMOS, October 6, 2011
This is the equivalent of Election Night where everyone is waiting to hear big results and instead you get results from a town of 15 people ;-) With that as a semi-unrelated preface, we have a new camera alert! Casio... Continue

Also (Lensbaby goes video pro, LiveLens EF to M43, Vimeo music, etc), September 22, 2011
Time for a new mini news round-up that has nothing to do with the Nikon mirrorless system. As usual, here we go, in lightning round format... + Leica M-series lens mount for RED Epic and Alexa Arri - via Cinescopophilia... Continue

Reviews (Sony NEX-C3, E-PL3, Fuji X100, etc), August 22, 2011
Time to take a look at some of the latest camera reviews! Lens reviews as usual can be found at the lens reviews cottage. + Sony NEX-C3 at dpreview and Photography Blog + Olympus E-PL3 at e-PhotoZine + Blogger's camera:... Continue

New Casio EX-ZS100 compact-zoom (12.5x), August 11, 2011
This also almost fell through the cracks! We have another new camera, the Casio EX-ZS100, a 12.5x compact superzoom. As you can see, Casio has ran out of Z-names, so they are now using the ZS-names, which Panasonic also uses... Continue

Reviews (it rains M43rds reviews, M9p, P300, etc, etc), August 2, 2011
Time to check what the review cat brought in today! For lens reviews, be sure to visit and bookmark and share the lens reviews mini-site. Micro Four Thirds + Panasonic GF3 at CNet UK, DC Watch Impress, Focus Numerique (ISO... Continue

New quietly launched Casio QV-R100 P&S camera, July 26, 2011
The parade of quietly launched new digital cameras continues with a new basic P&S model from Casio, the QV-R100 notes Let's Go Digital. The camera is listed in all its glory at the Casio International website. You can probably guess... Continue

New Casio EX-ZS15 P&S with touch screen [corrected], July 18, 2011
We have another quiet new camera announcement! This time it is the brand new Casio EX-ZS15, a P&S camera with a touch screen and a "touch shutter" feature. This appears to be a European model (so far). Details at DC... Continue


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