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New Casio EX-100 compact with RAW (DNG) and CMOS announced in Japan, February 6, 2014
Casio announced a new 12mp 1/1.7" CMOS compact with RAW camera in Japan, the EX-100. It uses Adobe's DNG format and has a 28-300mm f2.8 (eq) stabilized lens, 6fps, 1080p, etc. Details at ePhotozine and Fotopolis and Continue

New in Japan: Casio EX-10 1/1.x" compact with DNG RAW, November 16, 2013
Casio was one of the first companies to jump on the digital camera bandwagon a few centuries ago, but while others moved on to larger sensor and interchangeable lens camera systems, Casio has been treading sideways for the most part.... Continue

New Casio EX-Z1100 CMOS compact-zoom with flip-out LCD display, September 18, 2013
Casio got an early start in the world of digital cameras, but it has been a slow, steady, systematic decline ever since. With everyone and their digital mother launching new (mirrorless) camera systems, Casio has further fallen behind in that... Continue

New Casio EX-ZR800 compact-superzoom with RAW (DNG) and 5-axis image stabilization, August 7, 2013
It looks like Casio has decided to try its luck once again slightly above the muddy middle of the P&S digital cameras. They announced the new EX-ZR800 compact-superzoom with a 18x optical zoom lens, RAW out of the box (Adobe... Continue

New Casio EX-TR15 and EX-TR10 "Selfies" P&S cameras, July 16, 2013
Casio was one of the first to jump on the digital camera bandwagon. And one of the first to jump on the backlit CMOS sensor bandwagon. But as time went by, their interested in the above-consumer-tier digital cameras slowly but... Continue

New Camera Announcements: Casio EX-ZS30 (20mp 1/2.x" CCD), EX-N5 and EX-N50 P&S, February 18, 2013
I think we need a new name for these type of cameras. We will call them, Morrissey style, the "Everyday Is Like Sunday" digital cameras. And Casio has announced three new ones, one of which, the new ZS30, has a... Continue

Interview with Casio: no mirrorless but larger sensor compacts in future, February 4, 2013
Interview time again! This time it is dpreview who took the task of interviewing Casio about their position in the digital camera market. Casio has made attempts at serious cameras (who can forget the $1000 high-speed EX-F1?), but they have... Continue

New Casio EX-ZR700 and EX-ZR400 CMOS superzooms (18x, 12.5x), January 29, 2013
Casio has not been very active in the world of digital cameras lately, despite the fact that they got an early start in the world of digital photography. But today they have announced two CMOS sensor superzooms, the EX-ZR700 with... Continue

Everybody Else: Photokina, Panasonic, GH3, Samsung, Ricoh, Leica, Hasselblad, Voigtlander, Zeiss, Schneider, SLR Magic, Lytro, Casio, etc, October 1, 2012
And now the dramatic conclusion of the code-named two minute offense catch-up-a-thons covering the remaining manufacturers and general-purpose posts we haven't previously covered. We have already rounded-up Sigma and Pentax and Sony and Canon and Fuji and Nikon and Nikon... Continue

New Casio superzoom digital cameras: EX-H50 (24x) and EX-ZR1000 (12.5x), September 18, 2012
Yes, new camera fans, we have two new models from Casio, nearly lost in the shuffle! They are the Casio EX-H50, a 24x superzoom (25-600mm eq), and the EX-ZR1000, a 12.5x superzoom (24-300mm eq). Photography Blog has camera body hands-on... Continue

New Casio EX-JE10 fashionable P&S camera w/ever-ready case, August 21, 2012
We have a new Casio P&S camera announcement now! In addition to the three previously mentioned N-series, Casio has announced another fashionable P&S, the EX-JE10 that comes with its own case (making Leica and RF fans jealous that they have... Continue

Casio launches new N-series of P&S (N1, N10, N20) [jumps the shark?], July 11, 2012
Casio has announced a brand new series of P&S cameras, the N-series, with three inaugural models, the N1, N10, and N20. They all have a 16mp sensor, 5x optical zoom starting at 26mm equivalent, 2.7" display, 180 CIPA, "Premium Auto"... Continue

New compact-zoom announcement: Casio EX-ZR300 in Japan, May 22, 2012
In addition to the two previously mentioned Casio P&S cameras, Casio Japan has announced the brand new EX-ZR300. Details at Casio Japan (computer-translated). Not sure if it is a Japan-only model or the announcement hasn't rolled out elsewhere yet. It... Continue

New quietly revealed cameras: Casio EX-TR150, QV-R200 (tape delayed: EX-FC200, EX-Z3000), May 12, 2012
While some manufacturers are expanding into the digital camera market with new mirrorless systems and designs, Casio has been retreating the last couple of years, trending downwards towards the mid-level and entry-level of P&S cameras. @aafuss alerted us to a... Continue

New Casio EX-ZR20 (16mp, 8x 25-200mm eq), February 6, 2012
Not to be confused with the EX-ZR200 or the EX-ZS20, or the EX-ZR15, Casio has also announced the EX-ZR20, a 16mp camera with a 8x optical zoom lens (25-200mm equivalent), and promises of high-speed shutter and such. Press release parade... Continue


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