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These pages feature all the blog-posts that cover Canon-related news, rumors and updates on the main blog. In addition, you can find Canon-related updates on these dedicated mini-blogs:

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Canon joins the 4K Wars with new 30-inch professional $40K display, November 6, 2013
Canon has now officially joined the 4K wars by officially announcing a brand new 4K reference display monitor for color grading and professional 4K video production. It goes by the name of DP-V3010 and has a 4096 x 2560 resolution.... Continue

RAWsumer deal: Refurbished Canon S100 for $190, November 4, 2013
We have a limited time offer on a refurbished RAWsumer (compact with RAW) camera. Adorama is selling the refurbished Canon S100 compact with RAW for $190 with free shipping. You can research it with Canon S100 reviews list and research... Continue

Halloween Financial Horrors: Canon, Nikon, Sony, Taiwan, October 31, 2013
Halloween night is as good of a night as any for some financial horror stories. A number of camera market signals have come out the last few days pointing out financial issues. DigiTimes Research reveals that shipments out of Taiwan... Continue

Impact review: Canon 70D at dpreview, October 30, 2013
A milestone moment for the Canon 70D and its magic pixels. It has received the finalized dpreview review, a 20-page technobabble diatribe. The 70D magic pixels were so magical it took three dpreview-reviewers to keep them in check. If you... Continue

Canon 1D X getting firmware 2.0 in Jan-2014 (1D C too), October 23, 2013
Canon has announced version 2.0 firmware update for the Canon 1D X dSLR with a January-2014 release date. Details at the aforelinked page, the major bullet points are: + Improvement of AF accuracy in low light with AI Servo +... Continue

DxOmarK measures the Nikon D610 (karma!) and the Canon S120 rawsumer, October 21, 2013
Never a dull moment at Dxomark as you can see from their stream of reviews on their homepage. They gave us two new gifts the last couple of days, their Nikon D610 and Canon Powershot S120 measurement-evaluations! Karma's a dusty... Continue

Japan gets special luxury-ish edition Canon G16 and S120 rawsumers, October 15, 2013
Japan is getting special luxury-ish editions of the Canon G16 and S120 compacts with RAW. Details via It is interesting that only Japan is getting this. A sign of the popularity of such cameras in Japan or a sign... Continue

dpreview puts the Canon 70D Dual Pixel AF to the Test, October 11, 2013
Dpreview has put the magical mystery mystical Canon 70D Dual Pixel Autofocus to the test with their 70D Auto Focus Test Report. Is it all that is hyped up by Canon to be or not? We won't leak the light... Continue

New Canon CN-E35mm T1.5L F Cinema prime lens, September 4, 2013
Canon has announced the new CN-E35mm T1.5L F Cinema prime lens. If it's Cinema, it's $$$Cinema$$$ with a $5K+ price. Details via CPN Europe and Steve's Digicams and Continue

Canon 70D meets Dxomark Pixel-Peeping!, August 28, 2013
The Canon 70D with its new dual-pixel CMOS AF sensor is generating a lot of curiosity interest in many circles. Including Dxomark. Which posted today their Canon 70D evaluation. As usual, they share their results and the detailed results (hit... Continue

Canon 70D Flood Gates Open: In-Stock at Multiple Retailers Nao!, August 27, 2013
The Canon 70D floodgates have opened and just like the 5D Mark III, it looks like we have a steady supply situation! The 70D body only is in-stock for $1200 at many retailers including Best Buy and OneCall and B&H... Continue

Now shipping: Canon 70D various kits by various sellers, August 25, 2013
For the big picture, check the Stock Status site or find the Canon 70D stock status widget Javascript-embedded right below... Continue

Canon 70D coming August 26 (and 70D Stock Status tracking page launched), August 22, 2013
Time flies by! The Canon 70D was announced July 1st and it is about to start coming in-stock! The latest estimate at points to an August-26-2013 date for all three kits but please keep in mind estimates are not... Continue

New Canon S200 in Japan is a poor man's Canon S120 with CCD sensor, no RAW, no Wifi, no Touch-Screen, no 1080p, August 22, 2013
In addition to the previously mentioned new Canon cameras, Canon also announced a new camera in Japan, the Powershot S200. If that rings a bell to photographers in North America, it means you have good memory. Over a decade ago,... Continue

New Canon G16 compact with RAW continues the G-series with built-in Wi-Fi, August 21, 2013
The storied Canon G-series continues for another year with a new model, the G16! Just like the S120 and SX510 HS, the G6 also shows megapixel restraint with a 12mp 1/1.7" CMOS sensor. Wi-fi is becoming more ubiquitous nowadays, although... Continue


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