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canon t4i (650D) archives (11 posts)

DxomarK measures the Canon Digital Rebel T4i aka 650D aka Kiss X6i, October 8, 2012
And now we conclude the DxoMark Trilogy with the Return of the Rebel King. Or is it a King? DXomark has published their technical measurements on the Canon Digital Rebel T4i (aka 650D aka Kiss X6i aka Butterfly 500), along... Continue

Impact review: Canon D-Rebel T4i/650D at dpreview, August 20, 2012
The time has come for the new Canon Digital Rebel T4i (aka 650D, aka Kiss X6i aka Gioconda X946i-butterfly) to face the dpreview review in a 28-page opinion by Justices Diallo and Westlake. If you are in a hurry or... Continue

Canon D-Rebel T4i official recall issued (serial number checker included), August 14, 2012
Achoooooo! Pardon me, camera allergy season is upon us! The Canon Digital Rebel T4i (aka 650D aka Kiss X6i) has been officially recalled due to the previously mentioned rubber grip discoloration-allergy issue. Details of the problem and a way to... Continue

Curiosity factor: Canon D-Rebel T4i at Camera Labs, August 6, 2012
The Canon Digital Rebel T4i aka 650D aka Kiss X6i has been available for weeks and weeks, yet the number of completed reviews is shockingly small considering this model is the current leader of the Digital Rebel pack (aka xx0D... Continue

Canon D-Rebel T4i kit returns at Amazon with Recall Warning, July 19, 2012
UPDATE 7/21/12 at 3:20pm NYC time As of this recheck, the other two D-Rebel T4i/650D kits have returned at Amazon, the T4i body only and the T4i w/18-55 kit. ORIGINAL POST We just rechecked upon the D-Rebel T4i disappearance from... Continue

Canon D-Rebel T4i kits return 404 at Amazon for at least 5 days, July 18, 2012
We forgot to mention this previously, but today is at least the fifth day in a row that the Canon Digital Rebel T4i/650D pages return a 404 (web error) at One of our readers said their pending order of... Continue

Canon D-Rebel T4i/650D teardown talks TI, Phase Detection, and more, July 7, 2012
Chipworks is back with a new teardown, this time opening up the Canon D-Rebel T4i/650D. The teardown focuses (no pun intended) on the T4i's Phase Detection auto focus system, comparing it to their findings on the Aptina sensor of the... Continue

Cameraholic Digest: Canon Digital Rebel T4i aka 650D edition, June 19, 2012
We now have the fourth part (!) of the Cameraholic Digest catch-up-a-thon. This post was supposed to be our usual "Canon D-Rebel T4i Morning After" - a roundup the day after the official T4i announcement. But it kept slipping and... Continue

Now Shipping: Canon D-Rebel T4i (body only and w/18-55 kits), June 14, 2012
This is turning out to be a crazy-busy-day! We interrupt the new lenses and rumors with an in-stock alert! Two of the Canon Digital Rebel T4i kits are in-stock at their opening prices of $850 (body only) and $950 (w/18-55... Continue

Canon D-Rebel T4i gets June 19 release estimate, June 12, 2012
We just updated the in play Stock Status pages and we have some new news: the Canon Digital Rebel T4i (650D aka Kiss X6i) has a new release estimate at B&H Photo, it is June-19-2012 for the T4i body only... Continue

New DSLR: Canon Digital Rebel T4i (aka 650D), June 7, 2012
The Canon Digital Rebel T4i (aka 650D) DSLR has now been officially announced by Canon, along with the 40mm f2.8 pancake and 18-135mm STM lenses. The new D-Rebel T4i will go for $850 body only, $950 with the 18-55 kit... Continue


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