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canon T1i archives (42 posts)

Year in Review (Episode #3): Readers' Top 7 DSLR/iLC purchases (at Amazon), January 2, 2011
Since the Readers' Choice vote for Camera of the Year was cancelled (due to repeat proxy-voting by fanboys), we have an impromptu "substitute": the top selling DSLR/iLC cameras by our readers during 2010 at (the USA version of Amazon).... Continue

(DEAD) Canon Instant Rebates return at Amazon w/D-Rebel T1i and T2i, October 13, 2010
These specials have expired as of November 25, 2010. The original post is in the HTML comments Continue

New top selling DSLR updates (Canon T1i reclaims #1, Nikon D700 only 35mm-FF in Top 25), June 24, 2010
We have a new update of the top selling DSLRs/iLCs at Amazon. If this is the first time you visit this, be sure to check the about page. The Amazon glitch that excludes the Olympus E-PL1 continues in this snapshot,... Continue

New Top Selling DSLRs (Nikon counterattack, Panasonic G2 debut, IR impact), June 6, 2010
We have a new update in the on-going soap-opera, the Top Selling DSLRs/iLCs at Amazon. We accidentally skipped a week, but without a Time Machine, unfortunately there's nothing we can do now. If this is the first time you read... Continue

Deal alert: Canon T1i two-lens kits for $705 or $730 (with new promo codes), June 6, 2010
A great gift idea for Dads, Grand-Dads and BabyDaddies perhaps, the Canon Digital Rebel T1i/500D two-lens kits at Amazon have new promo codes for June. The May promo codes no longer work. Here is a recap, with prices as of... Continue

Two new Canon D-Rebel T2i (550D) reviews and a 7D-vs-T2i-vs-T1i set, March 7, 2010
We have two reviews for the Canon Digital Rebel T2i, at Camera Labs and DC Watch and a three-way ISO comparison between it, the T1i, and the 7D at Neutral Day. Continue

Canon D-Rebel T1i (500D) gets firmware 1.1.0, February 23, 2010
The Canon T1i gets a new firmware update, version 1.1.0 Continue

AlphaMountWorld opines on A500 vs D5000 vs T1i/500D, December 20, 2009
Alpha Mount World compares the Alpha A500, Canon D-Rebel T1i/500D and Nikon D5000 Continue

Canon Instant Rebates return: 50D, T1i, XSi, XS, November 29, 2009
Canon has launched a new round of instant rebates that are good until January 16, 2010. This round features the 50D, T1i, XSi, and XS. Continue

ISO Wars: Sony A550 vs Nikon D90 vs Canon T1i vs Olympus E620, November 19, 2009
Focus Numerique has a new ISO comparison between the Alpha A550, Olympus E620, Nikon D90 and the Canon Digital Rebel 500D (T1i). Continue

Canon T1i gets the Imaging Resource test-a-thon, October 6, 2009
Imaging Resource has finalized their Canon T1i review! Continue

Canon Digital Rebel T1i (500D/Kiss X3) reviewed at DC-Resource, July 8, 2009
DC-Resource has posted their review of the Canon Digital Rebel T1i/500D dSLR! Continue

Nikon D5000 and Canon T1i get a new review each, June 22, 2009
We have a new review for the Nikon D5000 and a new review for its rival the Canon Digital Rebel T1i (500D) posted in the last few days. Continue

Lens Civil War: Canon 18-200mm vs the two kit-lenses facilitated by 500D/T1i, June 18, 2009
Japanese website DC-Watch has squared off the standard Canon EF-S superzoom against the two kit lenses. What did they find out? Continue

New Review Clusters for Nikon D5000, Canon T1i/500D and SX200IS and Panasonic TZ7/ZS3, June 14, 2009
Just added are review-clusters for the Nikon D5000, Canon T1i/500D and superzooms Canon SX200IS and Panasonic TZ7/ZS3. Continue


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