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canon g11 archives (36 posts)

New Canon factory has gone live (G11 first), March 30, 2010
The new Canon factory in Nagasaki, Japan is finally producing cameras, starting with the Canon G11 Continue

Photocrati review of the Canon G11 is out, December 28, 2009
Peter Burian has published his review of the Canon G11 at Photocrati Continue

Noise wars: X1 vs GF1 vs D90 vs G11 vs DP2, December 19, 2009
Focus Numerique has a full-size ISO-range comparison between the Leica X1, Sigma DP2, Panasonic GF1, Canon G11 and Nikon D90. Continue

Bob Atkins reviews the Canon G11, December 18, 2009
Bob Atkins has published his review of the Canon G11 - see what he thought of it! Continue

dpreview dissects the Canon G11 in a 21-page-a-thon, December 16, 2009
dpreview has published their 21-page review of the Canon G11. What did they find out? Continue

A street cam named desire (was: street-camera comparison: G11 vs GRD3 vs GF1), December 14, 2009
The ALC blog compares the Canon G11, Ricoh GRD III and Panasonic GF1 as street photography cameras with a real-world experiment. Continue

New DXoMark lab tests: 7D vs D300s, K7, A500 and A550, D3000, G11 and S90, December 11, 2009
DXoMark has published the test results of seven different digital cameras, five DSLRs and two point and shoot compacts. Continue

Two more Canon G11 reviews: Strobist and Trusted Reviews, December 10, 2009
Two new Canon G11 reviews have come out at Strobist and Trusted Reviews. Continue

New Canon S90 and G11 reviews (added one more), December 10, 2009
We have new Canon S90 and G11 reviews at DC Resource and Enticing the Light (S90) and PDN Gear Guide (G11). Continue

New Canon G11 reviews at Steve's and ALC, December 7, 2009
New reviews for the Canon G11 are out at Steve's Digicams and the Adorama ALC. Continue

Canon G11 review at Quesabesde, November 25, 2009 has published their take on the Canon G11. Lots of samples as well. Continue

DC Resource publishes Canon G11 review, November 23, 2009
DC Resource has published their review of the G11! Continue

The Canon G11 and S90 show, November 22, 2009
The Canon G11 gets the Imaging Resource review, while the S90 gets a lens-comparison with the GRD III at Serious Compacts. And more... Continue

Samples from Canon 7D, Fuji F70 and Canon G11 at DC Resource, November 21, 2009
DC Resource has posted sample pictures taken with the Canon G11 and 7D, and also the Fuji F70 EXR also. Continue

New Canon G11 review at Camera Labs, November 15, 2009
Camera Labs reveals their findings on the Canon G11. Continue


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