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canon 60D archives (69 posts)

Moment of panic: Canon hasn't had a hot camera since the 7D and T2i/550D, May 25, 2011
While updating some of the Canon stock status pages, the thought came to me. Canon has not had a general interest "hot camera" since the 7D and the D-Rebel T2i/550D. Neither the 60D, nor the T3i/600D were greeted as liberators... Continue

Reviews Etc (60D, E-PL2, X100, HX100v, Phase One P65+, etc), May 24, 2011
Time for yet another review round-up! With 500+ cameras launched since CES 2009, there's enough to keep a billion camera reviewers busy ;-) In tonight's episode, we have Phase One P65+ action, a Sony A55 bokeh party, seasonal waterproof reviews,... Continue

Reviews Etc (Fuji X100, Pentax K-5, Canon 60D, T3i/600D, etc), May 2, 2011
And now time to round-up some of the most recent reviews. Lens reviews, as usual, can be found at the lens reviews igloo. Lady X100 + short review at PDN Online + samples gallery at DC Resource + David Pogue... Continue

Adobe makes Lightroom 3.4 and Camera Raw 6.4 official (adds D5100, D-Rebels, Fujis, etc), April 26, 2011
Adobe has now made Lightroom 3.4 and Camera RAW 3.4 official releases, upgraded from their previous release candidate status. The new version adds support for a number of new cameras, including the new Canon D-Rebels (T3i/600D, T3/1100D), the Nikon D5100,... Continue

Reviews Etc (Nikon P300, P7000, Sony A33, Fuji X100 troubles, etc), March 13, 2011
Time to recap some of the most recent reviews from the photo-blogo-sphere. This time we have two categories, cameras and not-cameras. Cameras + Sony Alpha A33 at PhotoZone + Nikon Coolpix P300 at Neo Camera + Nikon Coolpix P7000 at... Continue

Canon 60D stock status and price check, March 9, 2011
The Canon 60D was announced in late August 2010, following up on the 50D and adding a "twist and shout" LCD display. For more on the camera, check the 60D category. Latest Update: Sat June 18, 2011 at 9:45pm EST... Continue

Celebrity DSLR Watch: Howard Stern buys Nikon D7000, February 21, 2011
PDN Pulse noticed that the re-crowned King of all Media, Howard Stern, has tweeted two hours ago - from an Android device - that he purchased a Nikon D7000 at Adorama. Howard Stern promises pictures as well. Be sure to... Continue

Reviews, Etc (MF, A55, 60D, GH2, E-PL2, TZ20, HX7v, etc), February 17, 2011
And now time for another review round-up! There are plenty of reviews to go through, so we use the "2 minute offense" lightning round format! Medium Format + Pentax 645D ISO range and real-world samples at - and more... Continue

Reviews, Etc (GH2, D7000, K-5, A580, XZ1, G12, SB700, and many more), February 11, 2011
Now that the CP+ 2011 dust has settled, it is time to round-up reviews posted during this week. If you missed the CP+ action as it happened, you can catch up with our previous trade show round-ups and the list... Continue

Reviews, Etc (80mp Leaf, 60D, A55, A390, E-5, XZ1, GH2, etc), January 31, 2011
Time for a new review round-up! As usual, the latest lens reviews can be found at the lens reviews plank cube. For M43-related reviews, check For elephant reviews, check... ;-) Interchangeable Lens Cameras and Digital Backs + 80mp Leaf... Continue

Reviews, Etc (D7000, A850, 60D, E-PL2, GH2, XZ1, and more), January 29, 2011
And now time to catch up with some of the latest camera reviews! As usual, lens reviews can be found at the Lens Reviews neutrino. We already issued a "review alert" on the dpreview Olympus XZ1 earlier in the week,... Continue

Awards season: AP UK crowns Canon 60D as product of year, January 24, 2011
It is awards season in the entertainment world, so why not in the cameras world? The Canon 60D may be getting stoned and dethroned in the Canon forums, but it has won the Amateur Photographer UK product of the year... Continue

Dxomark evaluates Sony A580 and group-evaluates APS-C DSLRs, January 24, 2011
Dxomark has just completed their "Sony magic sensor" trilogy by posting the RAW-sensor-evaluation-data for the Sony A580. As usual with the DXomark data, you can compare to other cameras in their system. Here are some pre-filled evaluations to get you... Continue

Reviews, Etc (60D, E-5, M9, K-5, ISO comparisons, etc), January 13, 2011
Time for a "lightning round" review round-up. As usual, lens reviews can be found at the Lens Reviews Cave. And now the reviewalia: + Sigma DP1x noise comparison vs NEX-5, at Noise Numerique + ISO comparison: Nikon D7000 vs Canon... Continue

Reviews, Etc (D7000, GF2, LX5 DxoMark, E-5 distilled, video-test-experiments, etc), January 12, 2011
Time for a new review round-up! This edition is no where near as big as the post-CES mega-roundup, so please don't brew a full pot of coffee :) Lens reviews as usual can be found at the Lens Reviews Cafe.... Continue


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