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canon 5D Mark III archives (20 posts)

More Canon speculation: 5DMk3 and future line-up, September 24, 2011
Now that the Nikon mirrorless is in the books, and with Canon announcements on the horizon, the chatter on the Canon front is picking up momentum. EOS-HD speculates and opines on a Canon 5D Mark III while Northlight Images speculates... Continue

Rumors: 5D Mark III at Photokina 2012? Canon 3D in early 2012?, June 13, 2011
A new rumor at Northlight Images says that a 35mmFF Canon 3D will be announced early next year, and that a 5D Mark II replacement is a long way away, Photokina 2012. Please note these are rumors! Meanwhile, EOSHD speculates... Continue

Rumor round-up: Canon 5DMk3 tested in the field? Leica X2 w/16mp in June?, May 2, 2011
And now time for a couple of rumors! According to rumors at Canon Rumors, test/prototype bodies of the 5D Mark III are being sent out to select photographers for testing/feedback! Meanwhile, the possibility of a Leica June surprise, a Leica... Continue

Dealer rumors: Canon 5D Mk3 and 7D Mk2 within a month, April 9, 2011
And now time for a "somebody told me" rumor! This dpreview forum user is very convinced that his trusty camera dealer really knows that a Canon 5D Mark III and a 7D Mark II will be announced within a month... Continue

Rumor: Canon working on new MPEG2 codec for 5D Mark III, March 8, 2011
EOSHD has a new rumor that says Canon is working on a new MPEG2 video codec for the 5D Mark II that will be based on what they are currently using for their XF-series video-cameras. EOSHD explains the potential benefits... Continue


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