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canon 5D Mark III archives (20 posts)

Test Scene F-Stop Duel: Sony RX1 vs Canon 5DMk3 at Photography Blog, February 17, 2013
Duel time! One of the Photography Blog test scenes is hosting an f-stop duel between the Sony RX1 and the Canon 5D Mark III with the Sigma 35mm f1.4 lens mounted on. Since the test is testing lenses, the variable... Continue

Problems: Photographer discovers that his new Canon 5D Mark III was actually used to make the DigitalRev review, February 10, 2013
This is a new episode of The Trouble Repor(t). A photographer purchased a brand new Canon 5D Mark III DSLR from DigitalRev, and it turns out, the camera purchased as new was the camera used by DigitalRev to make their... Continue

ISO-range Color-Chart duel: Canon 6D vs 5DMk3 at El Paso (okay, El Ephotozine), February 7, 2013
Looking for an excuse to get a headache? How about some intense pixel-peeping of a Canon 6D vs 5D Mark III comparison at ePhotozine with full-size ISO-range color-charts test-scenes available for your pixel-peeping pleasure! For more opinions on each camera,... Continue

Impact Review: Canon 5DMk3 at Imaging Resource, January 28, 2013
A new edition of the Cameraholic Digest is coming within two hours, but in the meantime, to keep you busy, here is the finalized review of the Canon 5D Mark III at Imaging Resource. As usual we won't spoil their... Continue

Coming in April 2013: Canon 5D Mark III firmware update, October 23, 2012
This is not an early April Fool's Day joke! Canon has officially announced via press release a new firmware update for the Canon 5D Mark III that will arrive in April 2013, almost half a year away. The new firmware... Continue

Canon 5DMk3 vs Nikon D800 duel in Camera Labs Nikon D800 review, August 14, 2012
Rivalry time now with six rounds of Canon 5D Mark III vs Nikon D800 scene comparisons at Camera Labs. The comparisons are part of their just-completed Nikon D800 review. As usual, we won't splog their findings here, so be sure... Continue

Impact review: Canon 5DMk3 at dpreview [updated with reactions], May 22, 2012
The time has come for the Canon 5D Mark III to face the judge, jury and executioners at dpreview in their just published 30-page review! As usual, we won't leak the light here, but if you are a in hurry... Continue

More Canon 5DMk3 kits arrive in-stock for $3500, May 21, 2012
We have just updated the Canon 5D Mark III stock status page and we have new body only in-stock arrivals for $3500 at OneCall and Cameta Camera, both authorized Canon dealers. On the 5DMk3 w/24-105L front, if you are looking... Continue

Both Canon 5DMk3 kits in-stock at more places [updated], May 11, 2012
As of 8:35pm ET, we have just updated again the Canon 5D Mark III stock status page and we have new developments since our previous update: + 5DMk3 body only in-stock for $3500 at Cameta and Adorama + 5DMk3 w/24-105L... Continue

Canon 5D Mark III body shipping for $3500 [also 5DMk3 w/24-105L], May 8, 2012
Canon 5D Mark III hunters, this is for you! Both 5DMk3 kits are, as of a Wednesday 10:30am ET recheck, in-stock and shipping for their respective opening prices of $3500 and $4300 at multiple retailers, see all the details at... Continue

Canon will fix light-leaked 5DMk3 units for free, April 24, 2012
Canon has issued a new update on the Canon 5D Mark III issue, identifying the serial numbers of cameras affected by this issue, and promising to fix them free of change. At the same time they have issued firmware update... Continue

(SOLD OUT) In-stock alert: Canon 5D Mark III body for $3500, April 14, 2012
As of a April-16-2012 8:35pm ET check, the 5DMk3 body only has sold-out! For future updates, check the Canon 5D Mark III stock status page... Original post after the jump for historical reference only... We have just updated the Canon... Continue

Google's UberGeek getting both 5DMk3 and D800, April 8, 2012
Thomas Hawk attended a charity event that was also attended by Google co-founder and uberGeek Sergey Brin (wearing the buzzworthy Google goggles). Both being photographers, Sergey Brin (no relation to DS9's Breen) told Hawk that he is upgrading his 5DMk2... Continue

(SOLD OUT) Canon 5D Mark III in-stock now for $3500, March 28, 2012
As of a March 29, 2012 at 12:08pm EST re-check, the Best Buy website is sold-out online for the body only, but they may have it for store pickup. However, that is a wild-card and we obviously cannot input 99,999... Continue

Cameraholic Digest: X-Pro1 RAW, 5D Mark III, E-M5 RAW, D4 robots, etc, March 6, 2012
We can't even take a lunch break without things piling up to the moon! Time for a new edition of the Cameraholic Digest, which uses a variation of the "trade show format" (updates by manufacturer instead of sensor-size)... Focus on... Continue


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