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Canon 1Ds Mark IV archives (9 posts)

Canon rumors: Powershots tonight, 1Ds Mk4 aquatic case shows up, August 22, 2011
The Canon chatter continues! This is what today's chatter-net caught so far: + More Canon Powershots coming tonight (Elph/Ixus/Ixy models) says Canon Rumors + if you were not yet convinced of the existential existence of the Canon 1Ds Mark IV,... Continue

Canon rumor round-up: 1Ds Mark IV, video bragging, August 16, 2011
The Canon chatter continues to increase. Here are some of the latest... + Canon website is/was offering extended warranties for the 1Ds Mark IV via Photography Bay and Northlight Images + 1Ds Mark IV and 24-70mm II rumored for IFA... Continue

Canon 1Ds Mark IV dimensions leaked?, July 28, 2011
Canon Rumors writes that the dimensions of the eventually upcoming Canon 1Ds Mark IV are shown in a Gigapan compatibility list. Compared to the Mark III, the Mark IV is slightly wider, slightly shorter, and slightly heavier. As usual, please... Continue

Rumor haze: Canon 1Ds Mark IV 32-34 megapixels? when?, January 20, 2011
We are in the rumor haze stage of the Canon 1ds Mark IV lifecycle at the moment. Northlight Images points to a couple of sources talking about 32mp or 34mp for the camera, while a different source at Canon Rumors... Continue

Rumor round-up: 1D Mk5 before 1Ds Mk4, quad-core Alpha, Nikon D5500 w/i-LCD, December 16, 2010
It's the winter and the holidays, so the spirits are flowing more generously, so perhaps some people are feeling more brave to "leak", or to fantasize. Time for a crazy rumor-round-up! But remember, just because a rumor sounds crazy now,... Continue

Rumors: Canon 1Ds Mark IV test bodies floating around, August 1, 2010
National Geographic photographer and fellow Typepad blogger Stephen Alvarez has a short and sweet update on his blog: Canon 1Ds Mark IV test bodies have been bloating around he says. Continue

Rumors: Canon 1Ds Mark IV next week?, February 18, 2010
Rumors say a Canon 1Ds Mark IV is coming next week. Continue

Aperture 3 leaks Canon 1Ds Mark IV name or typo? (updated), February 9, 2010
Does the Aperture 3 RAW support page leak the existence of the Canon 1Ds Mark IV? Continue

Canon 1Ds Mark IV rumors and new lens patents, January 8, 2010
A new rumor talks of a 32mp 1Ds Mark IV monster, and five new Canon lens patents are blogged. Continue


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