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canon 1d mark v archives (6 posts)

Rumors: 18mp full frame Canon 1D Mark V with 14fps?, October 5, 2011
Digicame-info rumorizes (computer-translated) that an October 18 Canon announcement will reveal an 18-megapixel Canon 1D Mark V that can fire away at 14fps. The rumor talks of a mid-March 2012 release. This is quite a gap (five months), perhaps Canon... Continue

Rumored specs lists: Canon 1D Mk V, Sony A77, A65, NEX-7, -5N, August 6, 2011
And now time for a rumor-roundup with a specific theme - rumored detailed specifications lists! As usual, please treat these as rumors until or unless they become real: + rumored detailed specs list of a merged 1D flagship (Canon 1D... Continue

Early rumors for Canon 5DMk3 and 1DMk5, January 12, 2011
Canon Rumors has a couple of new posts talking replacement rumors for the 5D Mark II and the 1D Mark IV, along with some lenses. There is also a rumor of a 1D Mk IVn, where n = no video!... Continue

Rumor round-up: 1D Mk5 before 1Ds Mk4, quad-core Alpha, Nikon D5500 w/i-LCD, December 16, 2010
It's the winter and the holidays, so the spirits are flowing more generously, so perhaps some people are feeling more brave to "leak", or to fantasize. Time for a crazy rumor-round-up! But remember, just because a rumor sounds crazy now,... Continue

New firmware for Canon 1D Mark IV and T2i/550D/Kiss FM, July 7, 2010
Canon has issued new firmware updates for two of their latest DSLRs, the 1D Mark IV and the D-Rebel T2i/550D/Kiss X4. Details via Gal'braith, dpreview, Insider, et al. Continue

Canon 1D Mark V, not Mark IV says Philip Bloom (rumor), October 18, 2009
Philip Bloom says a Canon 1D Mark V is coming up very soon. Yes, Mark 5, not Mark 4! Continue


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