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The Big Sensor Prime Show: Ricoh GR, Fuji X100S, Nikon A, Sony RX1, comparisons, etc, June 18, 2013
And now we complete the quadrophonic trilogy of Cameraholic Digests with the Big Sensor Primes... Earlier on we rounded up the Mirrorless cameras and the DSLR cameras and the Compacts with RAW... All previous (and future) editions can be found... Continue

The Mirrorless Show: NX300, NEX-3N, GF6, G6, Eos-M, J3, X-E1, etc, June 17, 2013
And now the time has come to round up the latest mirrorless action, covering up roughly the last two weeks since the previous episode... For previous and future reviews, check the Mirrorless Reviews category stream... Earlier today we posted the... Continue

The DSLR show: SL1 (seven reviews), T5i, D7100 Infrared conversion, D5200, A58, K-5 II*, K50/K500 getting e-book, etc, June 17, 2013
This covers DSLR-related action roughly from the last couple of weeks, since our previous DSLR Digest. Ideally we are not supposed to fall behind by so much - ideally... For previous and future DSLR reviews, check the DSLR reviews category... Continue

The Compacts with RAW show: X20, XF1, LF1, G15, S110, P7700, Vario X107, XZ10, Group Test, etc, June 17, 2013
And now we begin the Cameraholic Digest catch-up-a-thon! These will last for a few hours until we finish. We start with the "Compacts with RAW". This catches up with the action since the previous "unified version" of the Cameraholic Digest,... Continue

The DSLR show: 50D, SL1, T5i, D7100, D5200,A58, K-5 IIs, etc, June 1, 2013
We continue with the new-format Cameraholic Digest with a focus on DSLRs. Earlier on we rounded up the Mirrorless action and the Big Sensor Primes action... This covers the action since the last Unified Cameraholic Digest... Lens Reviews are as... Continue

The Mirrorless Show: Olympus E-P5, Sony NEX-6 w/Lens Turbo converter, Fuji Xs, Nikon Vs, Samsung Open Source, Leicas, Pana G6/GF6, etc, May 30, 2013
Earlier today, we posted the first installment of the new-format Cameraholic Digests focusing on Big Sensor Primes. Now we have a new installment, this one focuses on Mirrorless cameras! This catches up to the action since our previous unified Cameraholic... Continue

The Big Sensor Prime Show: Ricoh GR, Nikon A, Fuji X100S, DP Merrills, comparisons, May 30, 2013
This is the first example of the new and more versatile Cameraholic Digests. In the "Big Sensor Prime Show", as the name suggests, we round-up action among "Big Sensor Primes" (definition at the bottom of this post)... Big Sensor Prime... Continue

Blog Change: Cameraholic Digests changing format, May 30, 2013
We will be testing a new approach for the Cameraholic Digests in the next few days. The high volume of cameras is making the big all-encompassing Cameraholic Digest round-ups too long and painful. The camera market has changed so we... Continue

Cameraholic Digest: Ricoh GR noise comparison, Nikon A lens test, X100S, E-PL6, GF6, etc, May 14, 2013
Never a dull moment here, a new edition of the Cameraholic Digest has arrived! We also added ten more new completed lens reviews at the Lens Reviews stream with the easy to remember url The completed lens reviews are... Continue

Cameraholic Digest: Touits, E-P5, D7100, A58, GH3, NX300, NX2000, GR, X2, etc, May 13, 2013
There were not enough new opinions for a new edition of the Opinion Soup but we already had a mid-week special edition covering the Adobe Creative Cloud Only reactions. But there is enough material for a new edition of the... Continue

Cameraholic Digest: G6 first review, SL1, NX300, GR, A, X20, superzooms, Jobs, etc, May 9, 2013
A new edition of the Cameraholic Digest. This covers things that happened since our previous edition on Monday... Completed lens reviews are always posted only at the Lens Reviews Stream (shortcut url The First Review (in English) + Panasonic... Continue

Cameraholic Digest: Fuji X100S, GH3, NEX-3N, SL1 samples, GF6 RAW, E-M5 No Low Pass? etc, May 6, 2013
It's the miracle of not falling behind! Actually able to post a new Cameraholic Digest episode quickly! Here we geaux with the latest action and a few things that fell through the cracks in the weekend edition... For the previous... Continue

Cameraholic Digest: Duels, SL1, RX1, A58, NEX-3N, GF6, X20, MX1, etc, May 4, 2013
It's been a while since we had a new Cameraholic Digest but we are having one right now! We are obviously not able to cover the last 70 days in a single post, so this one covers things that happened... Continue

Cameraholic Digest: Full Frame of all kinds, NX300, Pentax MX-1, Nikon D7100 spec-sheet comps, Sony NEX-3N, etc, February 25, 2013
A new edition of the Cameraholic Digest has arrived! This covers roughly the last seven days. For previous editions, check the Cameraholic Digest archives... Lens reviews as usual are only posted at the Lens Reviews stream... Camera reviews are posted... Continue

Cameraholic Digest: Sony RX1, NEX-6, Nikon CX, D5200, M43ds, Canon SX50, Digital Video, Film Camera Nostaglia, etc, February 18, 2013
A new edition of the Cameraholic Digest has arrived, covering roughly the last eight days since our previous edition which you can find in the Cameraholic Digest archives... Completed Lens Reviews are only posted in the Lens Reviews stream... Completed... Continue


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