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"Nu Kodak" will continue selling Film (1.5 interviews), September 25, 2013
The "nu Kodak" (currently going by the name of "Kodak Alaris") is going to continue selling film! A Kodak Alaris representative told the British Journal of Photography, " people can expect us to sell what we have sold before, plus... Continue

Kodak officially out of bankruptcy, now commercial printing company (also: interview with CEO), September 3, 2013
Kodak has officially survived Chapter 11 proceedings (bankruptcy) and it is emerging as a commercial printing company. The current CEO is interviewed on the past, present and future by the Associated Press Big Story. Details on the bankruptcy emergence via... Continue

Microsoft to buy Nokia's devices and services - what will they do with Lumia camera-phones?, September 2, 2013
With IFA 2013 just about to open its doors, Microsoft and Nokia dropped a big bomb. Microsoft is paying over $7 billion USD to buy Nokia's Devices and Services. Detailed coverage of the news from a tech and business perspective... Continue

Yahoo buys Startup to help Flickr with Image Recognition and Organization, August 25, 2013
The Marissa Meyer era at Yahoo is definitely not dull and boring. Yahoo is on a buying spree and last week they bought Flickr a new present. A new start-up company, IQ Engines that specializes in image recognition, organization and... Continue

Kodak's plan to get out of bankruptcy approved by judge, August 21, 2013
Good news on the attempts to save Kodak's ghost! The bankruptcy judge in charge of the situation approved Kodak's plan to emerge out of bankruptcy proceedings! Details via The Bloomberg and The Verge and The CNet. Continue

RED CEO steps down from CEO position, job now goes to Spock, August 20, 2013
The larger-than-life RED CEO Jim Jannard will step down from his position as CEO of RED. Things were quite exciting one way or another during his two Olympics reign as CEO at RED. The new CEO will go to his... Continue

Nikon financials: Mirrorless disappointment and Squeeze: is the CX 1-System becoming an Asia-only system?, August 8, 2013
Nikon announced its latest financial results (Reuters and AP UK) and there is mirrorless woe in them. While their mirrorless cameras (the Nikon CX 1-System) is doing well in Asia, it was not greeted as a liberator in Europe and... Continue

Panasonic and Sanyo get $spanked$ for lithium ion battery price fixing, July 21, 2013
I'm sure I'm not the first to have noticed some funky pricing with lithium ion rechargeable batteries. Some were priced as if they were worth their weight in gold and other precious metals. It turns out, there was some anti-free-market... Continue

New Fuji Optical Lens factory starts operations today in the Philippines, July 15, 2013
Fuji's new Optical Lens factory developed in the Philippines (south of Metro Manila) starts operations today according to a Fuji press release. The press release explains in the sub-title, "responding to the increasing demand for high-performance lenses for digital cameras,... Continue

Vincent Laforet and friends launch new Camera/Video Gear company with half a dozen new products, July 15, 2013
Vincent Laforet is a gearhead as you may have guessed from his previous posts and videos. Now he has taken his gearheadedness to the next level. With a group of friends/associates, they launched a new company, Visual I Buddha that... Continue

Pentax and Ricoh divide up the brand names, July 2, 2013
What's in a name you ask? Pentax and Ricoh announced their new naming strategy, in the post Ricoh takeover of Pentax era. The Pentax brand name will be used for DSLRs and interchangeable lens cameras while the Ricoh name will... Continue

Hedge fund pushing Sony to spin off Entertaintment from company, June 18, 2013
A hedge fund that is one of the major Sony investors is applying more public pressure on Sony to spin off its Entertainment business (movies, music, etc) from the main company. It is a different type of business than consumer... Continue

Fuji will cut their compact digital camera line-up in half (but look at their line-up!), June 8, 2013
The invisible hand of the market has encouraged Fuji to cut their compact fixed-lens digital camera line-up by half. Low margins, smartphones, operations and such are some of the reasons. Fuji will also merge their digital camera and optical devices... Continue

SD Association blesses NFC support in Smart SD memory cards, June 6, 2013
The SD Association, the benevolent caretaker of all things SD/SDHC/SDXC/microSD*/etc has added NFC support to their smartSD specifications. This is mainly of interest to microSD since that is what is found on most smartphones these days but an SD* card... Continue

Trade Show Ending: Focus On Imaging (Birmingham, UK), June 1, 2013
One of the biggest annual photographic trade shows in Europe is no more. Focus on Imaging, a trade show that takes place in the first quarter every year in Birmingham::UK is no more. The 2013 trade show was the last... Continue


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