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It Pays To Complain: 500px now gives photographers 70% of revenue, March 10, 2014
500px generated a big controversy among photographers rights advocates (eg photographers) when it announced in early February that photographers would only get 30% of the revenue from every sale. A firestorm ensued, and finally, the fruit of the complaint labor... Continue

Getty Images adopts the YouTube approach, Image Embeds for the Web and Social Media, March 6, 2014
Getty Images is trying a new approach to the way its images are (mis)used by the free-content-hungry internet denizens, they are going YouTube-style, by having an "Embed" option for Getty Images, so people can embed them (non-commercially) on their social... Continue

500px Shocker: Photographers Only Get 30% of the Image License with their new Commercial Licensing program, February 8, 2014
Apple has come under fire for getting 30% of the digital sales made using its iOS app store. Wait until you hear what 500px wants as its "marketplace share" - 70% of the sale! Let's start from the beginning. 500px... Continue

Action Camera Bliss: GoPro files for IPO, February 7, 2014
It looks like action cameras, at least for now, have carved out a small but safe little kingdom. Safe from the crossfire of the digital cameras vs smartphones war. Another sign of increasing action camera success is that GoPro is... Continue

Kickstarter Meta: Photographer Haje Jan Kamps on how to succeed at Kickstarting projects, January 21, 2014
You may have heard of Haje Jan Kamps from his Photocritic photography blog or perhaps one of his photography books or perhaps his Triggertrap camera trigger system, funded twice by very successful Kickstarter campaigns. Now he is attempting to create... Continue

Stock Photography Gets Its Own Dollar Store, January 15, 2014
There are plenty of dollar stores in the brick and mortar world, and the popularity of mobile apps at 99c further pushed the "dollar store" mentality to the forefront. Now, big buyers of stock photography have their own "dollar store",... Continue

Samsung rearranging chairs: Digital Imaging and Smartphones/Mobile Move A Lot Closer, December 13, 2013
Samsung is re-arranging their digital camera chairs by blending their digital camera efforts with their mobile (smartphones, etc) efforts. The promise of this move is better cameras for their mobile devices and better products for their stand-alone cameras. A blend... Continue

The Invisible Hand of the Market Confirms what Photographers Feared: The Cloud is Good for Adobe's Financials, Not So Good for Your Wallet, December 13, 2013
Adobe slashed both their revenue and earnings per share going forward, yet its stock price hit an all time high after it was announced. So what did the invisible hand of the market see that despite all that, pushed Adobe's... Continue

Nikon Laywers Kill the Polaroid iM1836 clone, December 6, 2013
Down go the "cut and pasters". Nikon's lawyers convinced Sakar to kill their Polaroid iM1836 Nikon J1 clone mirrorless camera. Kill as in "Sakar will no longer manufacture, import, advertise, promote, offer for sale, sell, or ship the Polaroid iM1836... Continue

Panasonic will focus on mirrorless and superzooms and $300+ cameras in 2014, December 2, 2013
Panasonic is trying to get its digital camera business to stop losing money, so they decided to take drastic measures, to focus on cameras priced 30,000 (around $300) and higher. According to the announcement they will launch five new compact... Continue

M&A: Leica Buys Sinar, November 26, 2013
Leica's resurgence, both in financial and photographic terms, perhaps gave it the extra liquid $courage$ to get the deal done, they have now purchased Sinar! Medium format did not become a "hot" field during the digital revolution, and remained a... Continue

Olympus President says considering expanding use of common parts with Sony, November 19, 2013
Japan Times (in english) quotes the current Olympus El Presidente saying that the company will "consider expanding the use of common parts of digital cameras... with Sony". El Presidente is bearish on his digital camera business, "unlikely to post major... Continue

Halloween Financial Horrors: Canon, Nikon, Sony, Taiwan, October 31, 2013
Halloween night is as good of a night as any for some financial horror stories. A number of camera market signals have come out the last few days pointing out financial issues. DigiTimes Research reveals that shipments out of Taiwan... Continue

M&A: Shutterfly makes a permanent rental of, October 24, 2013
And now some M&A action! Popular camera gear rentals website rented itself, for good, to Shutterfly! Or in normal speak, Shutterfly purchased Details at the Shutterfly press release and Borrow Lenses blog. The two BL founders will join... Continue

Nikon legally attacks Polaroid for stealing the Nikon J1 design in their camera, October 15, 2013
Perhaps this is a smart way for Nikon to generate some more interest in their Nikon CX 1-System. Their lawyers are now going after Polaroid for cut-and-pasting the Nikon J1 design for the Polaroid mirrorless cameras. Of course Polaroid is... Continue


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