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Sad news: Photographer and author John Hedgecoe passes away, June 7, 2010
Amateur Photographer UK writes that photographer John Hedgecoe has passed away. To celebrate his life, APUK includes an interview with him from October 2009. The British Journal of Photography remembers, as well as Photoscala, and the Olympus dpreview forum. His... Continue

Watch 2.5 hour "Captured by the Light" webcast by David Ziser (for free!), March 21, 2010
David Ziser has made available online (for FREE) his two and a half our "Captured by the Light" webcast talking wedding photography and more! Continue

David Ziser's "Captured by the Light" book now shipping!, February 14, 2010
David Ziser's new book "Captured by the Light" is now shipping! Continue

Pentax K-x e-book by Yvon Bourque now shipping!, December 29, 2009
Yvon's Pentax K-x ebook is now shipping! Continue

Reading is fun-da-mental (50 books to read), December 17, 2009 has compiled a list of 50 must-read photography books with the help of "The Twitter". Continue

Do you like to review photography books?, November 24, 2009
If you love reading photography-themed books, and also like to review the books that you read, then you may be interested in this: is looking for book reviewers. Check their website for details! As a photographer, this can be... Continue

Controversial "Ansel Adams In Color" book (revised edition) now shipping, October 27, 2009
The revised and expanded edition of the "Ansel Adams in Color" book has been released! Continue

From Snapshots to Great Shots (Nikon D5000) by Jeff Revell is now shipping, August 14, 2009
Jeff Revell's third-book in the "From Snapshots to Great Shots" series features the Nikon D5000. Continue

Pentax K7 ebook is now available for purchase!, August 5, 2009
Yvon's Pentax K7 ebook is now ready to go, available to order with immediate delivery. And there is a 75-page PDF sample to evaluate before you decide whether to buy or not. Continue

"American Character" project coming to TV, April 12, 2009
The Character Project of USA Network and friends will soon be coming to a TV near you as they are planning a documentary series and more, revealed Tom Brokaw on the Colbert Report. Continue

Books: Seeing beyond Sight (photographs by blind photographers), March 31, 2009
A quick feature on the book "Seeing beyond sight", a book by Tony Deifel that features photography by blind teenage students and their stories. Continue

Book Watch: Coming up in digital photography (not yet released), March 9, 2009
In this book round-up, we feature some interesting camera and photography books that are in the pipeline - not yet available but they are coming up! Continue

Nikon D400 book name leaked in Germany, February 4, 2009 spotlights a leak of a Nikon D400 book name at a German retailer website. D400 where are you??? Continue

The Inauguration of Hope (Barack Obama in photography books), January 19, 2009
The Inauguration of Barack Obama as the new president and his historic run to the presidency is celebrated through various photography books. Continue

Remembering MLK - photography books that captured history, January 19, 2009
Remembering Martin Luther King through photography books that captured history in the making. Continue


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