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Kickstarter Meta: Photographer Haje Jan Kamps on how to succeed at Kickstarting projects, January 21, 2014
You may have heard of Haje Jan Kamps from his Photocritic photography blog or perhaps one of his photography books or perhaps his Triggertrap camera trigger system, funded twice by very successful Kickstarter campaigns. Now he is attempting to create... Continue

(ENDED) eBook Deal: Photoshop CC: Missing Manual for $10.50 (Lonely Planet Photo Tips for $3), January 10, 2014
This promotion expired... For more specials, check the Camera Deals blog... Expired items after the jump... Amazon has a sale on 500+ Educational and Reference Kindle e-books among which you can get the Photoshop CC: The Missing Manual by Lesa... Continue

230+ physical photography books eligible for Amazon's new Kindle Matchbook program, October 29, 2013
If you have previously purchased physical (printed on dead trees) books from Amazon or if you are planning to purchase in the future, Amazon's new Kindle Matchbook Program is now live! If you are planning to purchase new physical books,... Continue

Lightroom Deal for $138: free printed Scott Kelby LR5 book with Lightroom 5 boxed software purchase, October 22, 2013 has a new combined purchase offer: buy the Lightroom 5 software (in a box to be delivered by mail) together in the same shopping cart with Scott Kelby's printed book "The Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 5 Book for Digital Photographers",... Continue

Olympus whistleblower CEO interviewed (his book is now available for purchase), December 1, 2012
Camera manufacturer executives are typically flying under the radar, getting nowhere near the notoriety and scrutiny and the political and corporate intrigue and hero worship as the CEOs of high profile companies. But the Olympus scandal changed that, and not... Continue

Write essays, stories, or memoirs about photography? Kindle Singles are open to everyone now, July 30, 2012
Do you like to write essays, memoirs, or long form stand-alone stories about photography? Amazon has opened up its Kindle Singles publishing platform to all authors, new and old! This (long-form writing about photography) is not a very crowded field,... Continue

Free Getty Images Year In Focus 2011 for the iPad/Books2, May 30, 2012
We mentioned this at the Camera Deals blog yesterday, but since it is also of more general interest, it might be a good idea to mention it here: Getty Images is offering the Year in Focus 2011 iPad Book (iTunes... Continue

Book alert: Mastering the Nikon D7000 in-stock for $19.22, August 12, 2011
If you are a fan of the "Mastering" camera book series and the Nikon D7000, you will be thrilled to learn that the half a kilopage "Mastering the Nikon D7000" book by DigitalDarrell is now shipping within 24 hours at... Continue

Newsbytes (new Toshiba video sticks, new DXo software, Google Image Search, firmware), June 15, 2011
And now time to round-up some new happenings: we have two new Toshiba camcorder video sticks, new DxO soFtwAre, revamped Google image search, new books, sensor news, and lots of firmware updates. New Gear + two new Toshiba camcorder sticks,... Continue

New books/e-books from the photo-blogo-sphere, December 27, 2010
Being a small and independent blog, we have a soft spot for indie blogs/bloggers. In this post, we round up some new books/e-books written by hard-working photographer-bloggers. We start with the just e-released Pentax K-5 e-book by Yvon Bourque, who... Continue

Free (old) photography books on new Google eBooks service, December 6, 2010
If you think Google doesn't know enough about you, and they also need to know what books you read, you will be thrilled with their new eBooks service ;-) Kidding aside, their new eBooks service includes a number of mostly... Continue

New music photography book: Rare Joy Division, October 26, 2010
Manchester photographer Kevin Cummins was at the right place at the right time in the world of music + photography - up close and personal with the (posthumously) highly influential music group "Joy Division" and he is now sharing rare... Continue

Amazon Singles - a new outlet for photography essays? , October 16, 2010
Photography Essays (and other text-only introspective/meta-writings on photography) may have potentially found a new outlet that may (or may not) be ideally suited for them - the new "Amazon Singles". With a name like that, some of you may be... Continue

Nikon D800 book listing appears across Amazon Europe, October 5, 2010
Amateur Photographer UK writes that a French book about the Nikon D800 appeared on the Amazon UK and also Amazon France and Germany too. All three pages mention a target date of February 9, 2011, and Amazon-France even has a... Continue

Pentax 645D Official Book coming out in Japan (and other 645D stories), June 30, 2010
Pentax Japan will be releasing a new 132-page book in Japan (computer-translated) on July 10 featuring the 645D digital camera. This is the "official book". Judging from the text and sample pictures, it will be a mix of photography and... Continue


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