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backilt CMOS archives (30 posts)

New OmniVision backlit CMOS sensor with RAW, 1080p, 12mp, 1.4um for mobile devices, April 14, 2011
OmniVision has announced a brand new 12mp 1.4 micron backlit CMOS sensor for mobile devices (smartphones and such) that offers RAW recording of digital stills and 1080p videos. The name of this creature is OV12825. Some are rumor-speculating this sensor... Continue

New Fuji Z900 w/16mp CMOS EXR, 28-140mm, folded optics, April 4, 2011
It looks like the pendulum at FujiVille is swinging in the direction of the EXR CMOS sensor, as they have announced the brand new folded-optics Z900-EXR with a 16mp EXR backlit CMOS sensor and a 28-140mm (eq) lens. As you... Continue

Samsung launches new left-handed friendly 1080/60i camcorder w/backlit CMOS sensor, January 3, 2011
Here we go. The CES 2011 parade is officially starting. Samsung has launched the new HMX-Q10 camcorder with a backlit CMOS sensor. The camcorder will record full 1080/60i and a modest 5mp of stills with its smaller than P&S cameras... Continue

Review Train (Nikon P7000 studio-samples, Sony A33/A55, FX700, F300EXR, TL350, etc), September 25, 2010
Time to round up some of the recent regular reviews. These are the standard reviews posted year-round, not hands-on reports from the Photokina 2010 trade show. But we start with a pixel-peeping party! Put on your noise reduction shoes and... Continue

Samsung revealed two new backlit CMOS sensors, 14.6mp 1/2.33" w/30fps full-resolution (and 1/4"), September 12, 2010
Not one to jump on bandwagons lightly, Samsung has announced two new backlit CMOS sensors this week. One is intended more for smartphones (1/4") but the other one is a 14.6mp 1/2.33" sensor, with (theoretical) 30fps burst mode at full... Continue

Canon SD4500 IS (Ixus 1000HS) is the first 10X Elph camera (w/backlit CMOS), August 22, 2010
The "blade zoom" bug has finally bit the Canon Elph/Ixus/Ixy cameras, and Canon has announced its first Elph camera with a 10X optical zoom lens, a big jump over the previous models in terms of zoom ratio. This is the... Continue

Review Train (Canon SD4000 IS, EX1 vs LX3, superzooms, NEX-5, NEX-3, etc), August 2, 2010
Time to catch up with the latest camera reviews! We start at dpreview where Richard Butler sings a new 10-page review of the back-lit Canon SD4000 IS (Ixus 300HS). This comes just a couple of days after the Imaging Resource... Continue

Review Train (Leica S2, Samsung EX1, EX1 vs LX3 bokeh, etc), August 1, 2010
Time for another review round-up! We start with the most expensive camera mentioned in this round-up (and probably in most round-ups), the Leica S2, getting not one but two recent reviews! The first review comes from Le Monde de la... Continue

Review Train (Samsung EX1, ISO comparisons, D3s, NEX-5, DP2s, Sony TX9, etc), July 30, 2010
It suddenly got quiet. You can hear the e-birds singing, and the wind gently caressing the trees with the beautiful aroma of pollution. Time for a new edition of the "Review Train"! We start with perhaps the first fixed-lens-camera success-story... Continue

Review Train (Sony NEXxies, Pana GF1, superzooms, etc), July 27, 2010
Put your reading glasses on, fill up the coffee machine with half-caf, and dive into this new edition of the "Review Train"! We start with a NEXxies review party! Everyone got the memo and the reviews are out! Steve Huff... Continue

Review Train (Samsung EX1, Casio EX-FH25, etc), July 13, 2010
Time for another edition of the review train! We start with perhaps Samsung's biggest success so far in terms of a serious fixed-lens digital camera, the EX1/TL500, getting a brand new short review at ephotozine. Intra-camera color-chart/ISO-comparisons are included. Also... Continue

New Cybershot WX5 embodies Sony's hopes and fears with backlit Exmor-R and 3D Sweep Panorama, July 7, 2010
The second camera to feature the new 12mp 1/2.3" Exmor-R backlit CMOS sensor with 3D Sweep Panorama is the brand new Sony Cybershot WX5, only the second in the WX-series, which got launched in August 2009 with the 10mp Exmor-R... Continue

New Sony TX9 has new 12mp backlit sensor and 3D Sweep Panorama, July 7, 2010
3D has tried its luck with computer electronics quite a few times. This time, unlike all the other times, electronics manufacturer hope it will finally break out. And on the hopes of this break out, which is part of a... Continue

Sony launches new 12mp 1/2.3" Exmor-R sensor with 3D Sweep Panorama, July 7, 2010
The Sony Europe website has just e-published a press release revealing three new Sony Cybershot digital cameras, two of which, the WX5 and TX9 will be using a new 12mp 1/2.3" Exmor-R (backlit) CMOS sensor. This sensor will also bring... Continue

Review Train (lenses, Leica M9, Panasonic G2 and G10, Sony NEX-5), June 21, 2010
The reviews are piling up, so time to take another snapshot! We start with lenses, with brand new reviews of the Canon 70-200mm f2.8L II IS, Nikon's 18-200mm DX VR II, the Leica 50mm f0.95 Noctilux, Samyang's fisheye and many... Continue


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