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Apple buys Snappycam (high speed photography camera app developed by Ph.D developer), January 5, 2014
Are camera apps going to become a hotbed of acquihire and/or acquisition? Apple is fanning the flames today as they have confirmed that they purchased the Snappycam app by buying the one-man-company developing the app, SnappyLabs. Since the acquisition, the... Continue

The New MacPros are now ready to order!, December 19, 2013
The new MacPro desktop computers generated a lot of interest at Apple's most recent announcement. And now these new 4-core and 6-core creatures are ready to order at B&H Photo and Prices start at $3000 and go almost up... Continue

Lytro gets an early Holiday Present from Apple, November 26, 2013
The Apple Reality Distortion Field has been slowly losing some of its intensity since the passing of Steve Jobs, but they still have the Midas Touch. And that Midas Touch is perhaps a gift for Lytro, as millions of Apple... Continue

Apple Event reveals new iPhoto, new Xeon E5 Mac Pros, Macbook Pros, iPad Air, iPad Mini Retina, etc, October 22, 2013
The Apple event now ended. It began at 1pm New York City time and lasted for 84 minutes. You can watch the Post Game Show starting at 2:30pm New York City time, live, at (their weekly Mac show). You... Continue

Mark your Calendars: Apple Announcement on Tuesday around 1pm New York City time, October 21, 2013
Whether you love or hate Apple, or you are somewhere in-between, Apple events can be events or spectacles, if nothing else, to watch the reaction of everybody else reacting to the announcements. So mark your calendars, there is going to... Continue

(ENDED) Apple Live Announcement started at 1pm New York City time today (9/10/13), September 10, 2013
The Apple event just ended. Photography-related items: the new iPhone 5S has a 15% larger sensor (1.5 micron), with a five element f2.2 lens. The iPhone 5C camera appears to be similar to the iPhone 5... iPhoto for iOS will... Continue

Apple's War on Nudity: 500px and ISO500 apps pulled, January 22, 2013
Apple's war on nudity has two more victims: the 500px and ISO500 apps were pulled from the iTunes store because someone could have perhaps seen nude pictures in the search results. The Apple paranoia is this: the only way to... Continue

Bankruptcy Judge okays sale of Kodak patents to Apple & Google Frenemies, January 11, 2013
The bankruptcy judge overseeing the case has now approved the sale of Kodak's imaging patent to the frenemy duo of Apple and Google for about half a billion dollars. Details via Bloomberg News and and Engadget et al. Continue

Settlement: Apple vs Photographer on Retina image usage, January 9, 2013
From the Good News desk, the Apple vs photographer retina dispute is now settled according to court documents as shown at Swiss photographer Sabine Liewald was suing Apple for license misuse of one of his retina images. Now it... Continue

Frenemies Google and Apple jointly bid for Kodak's patents, December 8, 2012
Kodak's ponderous tome of digital imaging and other related patents has received a bid of over half a billion US dollars by two frenemies: Google and Apple. This decidedly frenemy jointed bidding favors both companies and may perhaps be a... Continue

Mobile Noise: DxoMark goes crazy, reviews the iPhone 5, 4S, 4, iPad, Galaxy S3, S2, PureView 808, December 5, 2012
Apparently the people at Dxomark replaced their water intake with coffee because they published seven mobile camera reviews in just four days. They reviewed the iPhone 5, 4S and 4, the "new" iPad, the Samsung Galaxy S III and II,... Continue

Mobile Noise: iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC One X, App Reviews, etc, November 12, 2012
Photography keeps getting mobiler and mobiler (for lack of a better word), so now that there is a break in the action, this is a good time for a new Mobile Noise round-up. Please note these are intended to be... Continue

Software News: new DxO Optics Pro 8, Apple DCR 4.01, FCP, P1C1P, October 24, 2012
On the digital imaging front, we have new versions of the following software: + Dxo Optics Pro 8 with press release parade at Photography Blog and and Imaging Resource and dpreview + Apple RAW 4.01 with support for some... Continue

Apple announcement: iPad 4th generation, 7.9-inch iPad mini, 13.3-inch Retina MacBook Pro, uber-thin iMac, etc, October 22, 2012
If you are a fan of Apple, there was a big announcement today, Tuesday October 23 2012 at 1pm New York City time. The various technology and gadget blogs covered the event live-blogging-style including CNet and Engadget and The Verge.... Continue

iPhone 5 users discover Lens Flare and Deep Purple, October 7, 2012
With millions of new iPhone 5 users all around the world, it was only a matter of time before some of them pointed the camera outside on a sunny day, and they discovered, the hard way, lens flare and deep... Continue


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