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HTC bucks trend, continues with Ultrapixels as it teases new HTC One flagship, March 10, 2014
Whle most Android smartphone manufacturers are obsessed with increasing the megapixel count, HTC is bucking the trend with its Ultrapixels technology and judging by the new official HTC teaser for the upcoming highly-anticipated new HTC One flagship phone, HTC will... Continue

Android imaging apps: Adobe Revel arrives at Google Play (free to use; must sign-up/sign-in), March 5, 2014
The Adobe Revel mobile photography app is no longer an iTunes exclusive. The app is now available to download for free at the Google Play. It is free to use, however, you must sign-up or sign-in with an existing Adobe,... Continue

Beta for CyanogenMod: new GalleryNext app available in Google Play (Beta), January 14, 2014
If you are a boldly going Android mobile photographer and love to try out new apps before they are fully cooked, CyanogenMod has a beta version of their new GalleryNext photography app available for download through Google Play. Because this... Continue

Potentially interesting $200 ASUS cameraphone with 13mp f2 lens, actual pen input, 6-inch screen, January 6, 2014
If you want to explore mobile photography but don't want to be hog-tied to a two-year contract or pay the big bucks upfront for one of those flagship superphones, this may be potentially interesting. ASUS just finished their CES 2014... Continue

Polaroid announces new Android Instant Zink Social Touchscreen Camera and various Wifi superzoom cameras (15x to 50x), January 6, 2014
And now time for another wave of CES 2014 camera announcements. We start with Polaroid. This time they did not copy any existing mirrorless designs, but announced a variety of fixed-lens superzoom Wifi digital cameras along with an Android-powered digital... Continue

New Android camera: Samsung Galaxy Camera 2, January 2, 2014
Samsung is picking up where it left off in 2013 by starting 2014 wit a new round of everything-and-the-kitchen-sink announcements. New for 2014 is the new Samsung Galaxy Camera 2, an Android digital camera running Android 4.3. It has a... Continue

Google confirms RAW and Burst Mode are coming as they reboot the Android camera code/design, November 27, 2013
Android source code revealed last week that RAW is in the works for Android. Now Google has officially explained their plans, they are adding RAW support and burst mode as part of a reboot/rework of the camera related Android source... Continue

RAW and perhaps "removable" cameras coming to Android, November 18, 2013
Nokia fired the first RAW shot in the world of smartphone/mobile photography, and it looks like perhaps Android is the next one! Digging into the publicly available Google source code revealed this. Ars Technica has the details. It was not... Continue

Paranoid Android: Samsung prices the Galaxy NX iLC camera at $1600 body, $1700 with lens, August 29, 2013
Sing along, all together now, Photo-Karma Police, arrest this company! Samsung went off the wall today with a rather unusually high price for their new Galaxy NX interchangeable lens mirrorless camera phone creature. It will go for $1,600 body only... Continue

In-stock nao: Google Nexus 7 FHD (2nd generation) for $230 (Chromecast available for pre-order), July 26, 2013
The newly announced Chromecast HDMI dongle is now available for purchase at Amazon by Amazon where it is currently in "temporarily out of stock" status. With the ability to send Chrome browser tabs to an HDMI HDTV, there are plenty... Continue

New Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom: smartphone with 10x stabilized optical zoom lens (and 16mp backlit CMOS), June 12, 2013
The Cameraholics Debate club will spend many sessions debating whether this is a camera with phone internals or a phone with a telescopic zoom lens attached to it, but regardless, Samsung has officially announced the new Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom... Continue

Android purists: the best unlocked Pure-Android cameraphones shipping June 26 [updated], June 1, 2013
UPDATE (12:30pm ET): This post was updated multiple times with new content since it was originally posted. I accidentally posted it before it was ready, so I ended up "live writing" it. Bad habits have staying power :) If you... Continue

Samsung planning big June 20 announcement - will it include cameras? iLC Android cameras?, May 28, 2013
Samsung is planning a big product announcement event on June 20 in 2013 in London as you can see at CNet. Not a coincidence, it is one week after Apple's WWDC (World Wide Developer's Conference). It will include products in... Continue

Freebies: $5 worth of photography apps for Kindle Fire owners, May 13, 2013
On the front page of, they prominently feature the new Amazon Digital Coins (as if we needed yet another fake online currency!). If you have a Kindle Fire or Fire HD tablet, the Amazon account that you registered this... Continue

Android was originally a software platform/OS for Cameras (as of 2004), April 16, 2013
Android is in many many smartphones these days, but in the early days of Android, Android was looking at digital cameras and the connection between digital cameras and computers, a software platform or operating system of sorts. This in 2004.... Continue


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