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Just like clockwork, new Adobe Photoshop and Premiere Elements 12 is announced and released too!, September 24, 2013
It is the last week of September, and that can only mean one thing: a new version of Adobe Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements! We are now up to version 12! September 2012 brought us version 11, September 2011 brought... Continue

Ready for Shoppers: Adobe's Photoshop Photography Cloud for $120 per year (only for CS3+ users), September 17, 2013
Adobe has now opened up the gates for customers who want to purchase their Photoshop Photography Cloud subscription. The price is $10 per month when you sign up for one year of the service. So it is more accurate to... Continue

Adobe launches Adobe Generator for Photoshop CC, an open source project, September 8, 2013
Adobe has just announced on the Photoshop blog a new feature for the Creative Cloud, the Adobe Generator, an open source project (!) that makes life easier when extracting image assets out of a Photoshop document. You can find a... Continue

Adobe offers a new more reasonably-priced Cloud option for Photographers for $10/month (must have CS3 or later), September 7, 2013
IFA 2013 wasn't the only trade show happening the last few days. At Photoshop World, Adobe announced yet another attempt at a Photographer-priority Creative Cloud offering, this one priced closer to reality, closer to Netflix, $10 per month (or 10... Continue

Seminar: Watch the 72-minute Adobe Lightroom 5 seminar with Kelby, Adobe and B&H Photo, August 4, 2013
Only 1,200 people were able to watch the Adobe Lightroom 5 seminar held at the Javits Convention Center in New York, but now you can watch it as if you were a member of the audience! The total runtime is... Continue

Cracked Actor: Photoshop CC cracked just one day after launching, June 19, 2013
It only took one day for the internets to manage to crack the new Photoshop Creative Cloud (aka Photoshop CC). If only people could put their skills and creativity into something more productive than cracking commercial products. But I'm digressing...... Continue

Adobe launches Photoshop Creative Cloud (aka Photoshop CC aka Single Apps), June 17, 2013
Adobe announced a new Creative Cloud development today, individual Creative Cloud apps instead of just buying the whole Creative Suite. Of major photographer interest is the new Photoshop CC (CC = Creative Cloud). Adobe has a number of informational posts... Continue

Adobe Lightroom 5.0 arrives with new features and new cameras supported, June 10, 2013
The new Lightroom 5 is now out of beta and into the real world! LR5 brings with it support for these cameras: Ricoh GR, Olympus E-P5 and E-PL6, Panasonic G6 and LF1 and Hasselblad H5D-60 and preliminary support for the... Continue

Curiosity factor: Hands-on with Adobe's new XD Stylus and Ruler, June 5, 2013
More and more software companies are also jumping in the hardware business. Adobe is no exception to this trend. They recently revealed their new XD design gadgets, a stylus and a drafting ruler of sorts. Now these new devices have... Continue

Adobe says "we are listening" but do they understand?, May 29, 2013
Adobe published a we-are-listening-to-your-complaints post at both the Creative Cloud blog and the Photoshop blog. In the posts, Adobe acknowledges some of the complaints, notably highlighting feedback that pointed to the need for an offering tailored to photographers, the need... Continue

Adobe acqui-hire-buys another company, funnels it to the Creative Cloud, May 28, 2013
Adobe is stock piling talents and ideas for its Creative Cloud. They have now purchased, with perhaps the main purpose of acqui-hire creative consultancy firm Ideacodes. The two co-founders of the company are now creative directors of Adobe's Creative Cloud.... Continue

Adobe's mobile cloud focus continues with Thumb Labs purchase, May 22, 2013
More pieces are falling in place at what appears to be the mobile/cloud strategy at Adobe. Not long after buying Behance, Adobe is opening its checkbook again, this time buying Thumb Labs which specializes in mobile app design that could... Continue

Opinion Soup Special Edition: The Adobe Creative Cloud and End Of Stand Alone Photoshop/CS [updated], May 9, 2013
We have a special edition of the Opinion Soup, a breaking-news-Wolf-Blitzer-is-still-in-his-pajamas-alert edition covering the reactions to the announcement by Adobe that the next version of CS/Photoshop will be available for Creative Cloud subscribers only. The current stand-alone one-time-purchase versions of... Continue

Adobe now making hardware: Smart Stylus and Smart Ruler, May 7, 2013
More and more companies these days are jumping on the let's-start-making-hardware bandwagon and today another one joined them, a software company, Adobe, at the Adobe MAX event, revealed their new Smart Stylus and Smart Ruler. An upcoming app will accompany... Continue

Next version of Photoshop and Creative Suites will be Cloud Subscriptions ONLY, May 6, 2013
The current existing versions are apparently going to be the last versions of the Adobe Creative Suite and Photoshop software that are sold as individual products. The next versions will only be offered as cloud subscriptions. This Adobe announced as... Continue


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