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What is this blog about?
1001 Noisy Cameras is a mixed-format blog, it is like having a photography forum compressed into a blog, or a dozen blogs trapped into one! To use a "web 2.0" description, it is like a cross between a forum, TechMeme, Engadget and total chaos :) Some of the core topics and activities are:

  • the latest buzz, hot topics, news coverage and gadgetology
  • speculation, rumors and predictions
  • attempt at comedy, parody, and satire (you can laugh at us or with us!)
  • unique and off-beat features
  • market analysis
  • shopping, bargain hunting, pre-order tracker, shipping and price drop alerts
  • review organization
  • and much more

It is important to note that the target audience of this blog are people who are intimately familiar with digital cameras, have a very good understanding of how the internet works, pay attention to details, and can tell the difference between rumor, fact, opinion, speculation, and prediction.

RSS feeds and Subscriptions
You can check the top of the right-sidebar for a list of some of our most popular RSS feeds. You can subscribe, for free, to the full-text feeds using the RSS newsreader or service of your choice. For those who prefer email subscriptions, some of our feeds are also available by the Feedburner-via-Email service.

We will have an updated post that explains all our RSS feed subscription options in the near future.

Follow us on Web 2.0 (social media)

Privacy Policy
This blog is free for everyone to read. We do not require, nor offer registration for reading any of the blog's content. Anyone can read it as long as they have access to the internet.

If you would like to write comments on blog posts, you can do so using the commenting service infrastructure which is handled by TypePad or any other commenting service we may be using at the time. You can leave comments anonymously or you can register with the available commenting system.

We offer and encourage RSS subscriptions. However some of our readers prefer to subscribe by email. We do not use the email addresses for any purpose. Feedburner automatically handles the email subscriptions and the delivery of new posts. You can unsubscribe at any time by following the Feedburner unsubscribe directions.

We use and try different website counters and analytics services such as statcounter and google analytics to see if anyone is actually reading this blog and how they are finding this blog and things like that.

We also use a number of affiliate programs to help fund this blog. You can assume that links to retailer websites are affiliate links. If you are not sure, you can always mouse-over the links to find out. We do not mask or conceal any of the links, however a number of retailers are using affiliate services that use intermediate urls for tracking purposes (Commission Junction, Linkshare, Google, ShareASale, etc).

Some of the services mentioned above, as well as some of the various widgets and advertising services (Google Adsense, Six Apart Media, Chitika, etc, etc) we are using may be using cookies and/or other methods of keeping track of visitors and user behavior across this website and/or across the internet. Because of the nature of online advertising networks, unfortunately we do not have direct control over every widget, service or advertisement displayed. If you like to opt-out of this, you can do so by visiting each service's website and following their instructions, or by installing the appropriate software or plug-ins on your system to block them (eg Firefox Adblock Plus), or you can stop visiting this blog. The easiest method to opt-out is to stop visiting this blog :(

You can learn more about the various ad-networks and services and ways to opt-out from various ad-networks by visiting the Network Advertising website. This is a direct link to their ad-network opt-out page.

Firefox users who want to opt out from 84 different advertising networks, may want to consider the Firefox recommended add-on TACO for Targeted Advertising Cookie Opt-Out.

Google and Doubleclick DART
Google, as a third party vendor, uses cookies to serve ads on our blogs. Google's use of the DART cookie enables it to serve ads to users based on their visit to your sites and other sites on the Internet. You can learn more about the Google Doubleclick DART privacy policy and you can opt out of Google advertising by visiting the aforementioned site.

Third Party Advertiser Cookies and Web Beacons (Six Apart Media)
This web site participates in Six Apart Media, a comprehensive advertising program provided by Six Apart Ltd. for publishers all across the Web. This section of our privacy policy describes how Six Apart Ltd. and the third party advertising networks and advertisers that display advertisements through Six Apart Media (collectively, "Advertisers") collect, use, store and disclose data from visitors to this Web site.

A "cookie" is a small amount of data, which often includes an anonymous unique identifier that is sent to your browser from a Web site's computers and stored on your computer's hard drive. Cookies can be used to target advertisements relevant to your interests, based on your visits to different Web sites, to provide traffic measurement and other analytics and to conduct research.

A "Web beacon" is an electronic file on a Web page that allows a Web site to count users who have visited that page, to access certain cookies and to provide auditing, research and reporting for advertisers.

When your browser requests a page that displays advertising from one of the Advertisers, the Advertiser may view, edit or set its own cookie through your browser. In addition, the Advertiser may place its own Web beacon in the page, which may be triggered by your browser's request.

Advertiser Privacy Policies

If you would like to contact the Advertisers to learn more about their privacy policies and what options (if any) they offer to opt out of their data collection and use, please follow these links to their Web sites:

Six Apart Ltd.

Six Apart Media third party advertising networks and advertisers

Some of these third party advertising networks are participants in the Network Advertising Initiative ("NAI"), a cooperative of online marketing and analytics companies committed to building consumer awareness and establishing responsible business and data management practices and standards. You can learn more about NAI and how you may "opt out" of targeted advertising delivered by NAI member ad networks here

Private Communications
Any emails, web-contact form messages, Twitter Direct Messages, or any other information sent to us in a non-public fashion is considered by default confidential and private.

If you sent us a tip for a story or a camera deal, by default, we will write "one of our readers", unless you specifically instruct us to use your chosen information (name, blog, gallery, website, web 2.0, etc) as the credit/reference, either for a particular instance or for all instances. The chosen credit/reference information is subject to editorial control - for example, no splog/spam websites.

Comments Policy
Comments are provided as a service to our readers to interact. Opinions, feedback, and critiques are welcome, even "this blog sucks comments" are welcome. However, "scorched earth" type of comments as well as spam, messages that promote splogs and other websites that engage in questionable practices, and things like that, will be removed. Also comments that promote hate speech, violence, etc, etc, will be removed.

We reserve the right to remove any comment for the above or other editorial reasons. Please note that the comments section is not a public forum like Usenet where anything goes.

Please note that we are not providing a comments storage service. Comments may be deleted accidentally or intentionally. If you would like to have your comments saved, be sure to save them on your own. It is as simple as cut/paste to Notepad.

Added on June 6, 2009: The practice of "squelching" (as defined in the book "The Rise of the Creative Class" (Amazon) is not welcome and not tolerated in the Comments section. Comments that engage in squelching (and other scorched-earth practices) will be deleted and repeat offenders will be banned.

Anti-Scraping Policy
Republication of this blog or contents of the blog using the RSS feed, or any manual (eg cut/paste) or automated methods (scraping, robots, data mining, etc) is prohibited and it is a violation in the terms of use of this blog and a copyright infringement.

If you are interested in republishing any of the contents of this blog, you must first contact us and receive permission to do so. Republication without permission, whether automated or manual, is prohibited.

FTC disclosure
For our new readers and those who don't like to read About pages (top line at the right sidebar), or may have missed the hundreds of "Support this blog" messages in the blog posts, sidebars, bottom of the main page, RSS feed, etc, we would like to remind you that we are using affiliate-links for most of the links to retailer websites. You can make the assumption that every link to a retailer website is an affiliate link. You can see them at the Noisy Mall. You can mouse-over the links if you want to check.

When technically feasible (most of the times it is not), we use affiliate tags that people can easily recognize. For example, the Amazon affiliate links for the main blog are "1001nc*", the ones for the Camera Deals blog ( are "noisydeals*", the RAWsumer blog is "rawsumer", etc.

Different retailers use different services (eg CJ, Linkshare, ShareASale, etc), and each has a different url structure. You can find out more on these via Google or any of the many affiliate-marketing blogs and forums.

This empowers our readers to support this blog with their purchases, and your support has very practical implications - it allows us to continue to operate using this non-stop information-overload format - without compromising real or perceived editorial control.

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