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(DEAD) In-stock alert: Canon 5D Mark II for $2500, May 7, 2011
This has sold-out as a May-8-2011 3:35pm EST check The Canon 5D Mark II body only is back in-stock at its previous typical price of $2500, sold and shipped by Amazon itself. For more on the camera, check the list... Continue

Reviews Etc (Samsung NX11 DxOmark, Canon 5DMk2 ISO, Mega-Comparison w/X100, etc), March 28, 2011
Time for a new review round-up, with DxOmark and Imatest action, along with a mega-comparison featuring the Fuji X100 and Leica X1! As usual, lens reviews can be found at the lens reviews springboard, including a couple of new Voigtlander... Continue

Reviews Etc (Fuji X100 full-size firmware 1.0 samples, HS20 samples, GF2, XZ1, etc), March 9, 2011
Welcome to a new edition of the artist formerly known as the "Review Train". For lens reviews, be sure to check the Lens Reviews hive. Fuji X100 mania + 24 full-size samples with firmware 1.0 at Lens Tip + full-size... Continue

Review Train (Nikon D7000, D3100, Pentax K-r, 60D, A55, GH2, etc), December 13, 2010
The flow of reviews has slowed down but has not stopped! Time for a new round-up! For previous editions of the "Review Train" and other review-related posts, please check the Reviews category. For lens reviews, as usual, check the Lens... Continue

Botox for Canon 7D and 5D Mark II Mode Dials for $100, December 1, 2010
Canon has a $100 update/upgrade if you are not happy with the way your Canon 7D or 5D Mark II mode dial "travels". Canon Canada will charge $110. Europe will be 80 euros. Read all about it + Photography Review... Continue

Review Train (iLC edition): Nikon D3100, D7000 hands-on, Panasonic GH2, video iLCs, Samsung NX100, etc, November 1, 2010
Earlier today we rounded up reviews of fixed lens cameras, now it is time to round-up interchangeable lens camera reviews. For lens reviews, as usual, be sure to check the Lens Reviews mini-site. DSLRs A new 10-minute video first impressions... Continue

Review Train (Samsung NX100, Nikon D3100, Fuji Real3D W3, etc), October 25, 2010
Time for a new modest-size edition of the "Review Train"! For lens reviews, be sure to visit and bookmark the Lens Reviews page. Mirror mirror on the cyber-wall, which is the most aggressively-priced Photokina mirrorless cameras of all? Why, the... Continue

Milestone: BBC embraces HD-DSLRs for 100% shoot of individual TV program(me)s [updated], September 2, 2010
Update (Fri Sept 3): Thanks to one of our readers for the alert. The original story has been deleted from the aforementioned site and replaced with three new ones that have updates and clarifications. For one thing, BBC contacted them... Continue

I want my Canon 5D Mark Three (III) nao! (parody video), August 17, 2010
All the pent-up excitement and anticipation for new cameras perhaps can be "summarized" in this new two-minute parody YouTube voice-over video posted at Cinema 5D, which you can also find embedded below, and also at the Cinema5D YouTube channel. The... Continue

David Ziser on Canon 7D or 5D Mark II for wedding photography, July 14, 2010
If you are interested in wedding photography and you are torn between a Canon 7D and 5D Mark II, David Ziser of Digital Pro Talk tackles this question on his blog, and answers the question, giving eight points why... We... Continue

Curiosity factor: Hands-on with new Zeiss CP.2 cinema primes, July 10, 2010
Zeiss announced their new series of CP.2 prime professional cinema lenses with interchangeable mounts in mid-April 2010 and now there is some "in the field" action with these lenses says Photo Cine News: Film-maker Snehal Patel was given five of... Continue

Canon falls off a cliff as Nikon grabs the #1 market share in DSLRs/iLCs in Japan in H1:2010 [revisited], July 8, 2010
The perhaps surprising news of Nikon grabbing the #1 market share in Japan among interchangeable-lens cameras for the first half of 2010 broke last night, just before the new Sony Exmor-R 3D trio and the Nikon likely-maybe-mirrorless new-concept news, so... Continue

System Switch: Canon to Nikon for wedding photographer Allister Freeman, July 6, 2010
The ebbs and flows of DSLRs typically cause switches among professional photographers, and in this episode, wedding photographer Allister Freeman documents his switch from Canon to Nikon, and more specifically from the Canon 5D Mark II to the Nikon D700... Continue

Panasonic G2 commercial filmed with (oops!) a Canon 5D Mark II, June 30, 2010
The last few days Panasonic's promotional advertisements for the new G2 featuring "Parkour" action (to presumably bring the camera to the attention of the younger (in spirit or age) people) were making the internet rounds. Then something surprising happened -... Continue

As the MF world turns (Rollei news, Pentax 645D takes on 5DMk2 and K-7, 40mp P40+ samples), May 28, 2010
In this Medium Format update, a new 150mm f4 AFD lens is coming out for the Rollei Hy6 at Photokina 2010, the Pentax 645D takes on the Canon 5DMk2 and Pentax K-7, and DC Watch has samples taken with the Phase One P40+ digital back and 55mm and 110mm f2.8 lenses. Continue


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