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5dmk2 archives (123 posts)

Officially discontinued: the Canon 5D Mark II (launched September 2008) [updated], December 26, 2012
The Canon 5D Mark II is/was/will-be one of the most influential digital SLRs - or as a minimum one of the most talked about models - in recent years. The camera was announced in September 2008 (two-thousand-eight) and it is... Continue

Reviews (X10, GX1, NX200, Q, Titan, compact-zooms, etc), December 21, 2011
Time for check what the Review Santa brought in today ;-) For lens reviews, check the Lens Reviews cafe and for completed camera reviews, check the Camera Reviews cafe. Refills are not free! Interchangeables + Panasonic GX1 at CNet Asia... Continue

(DEAD) Discount alerts: Canon 5D Mark II body only for $2000 (7D w/18-135: $1600), November 11, 2011
As of a 10:47pm EST check, both specials have sold-out and are marked as "Deactivated" at the NewEgg pages. I do not know if they will have more before the promotion ends. NewEgg does not allow ordering of out-of-stock promotions...... Continue

Reviews and Hands-on mega roundup (X10, 1D X, A65, CX, NEX, M43rds, GRD4, etc), November 1, 2011
And now time to catch up with the latest reviews and hands-on previews! This is a loooong and winding edition, so fill up the coffee machine! To make it easier to scan/skim/read, we are breaking it into even more sections... Continue

Reviews (A77, NEX-7, V1, J1, X10 hands-on, superzooms, etc), October 25, 2011
Time to check the latest reviews, which picked up steam today! We have more Sony and mirrorless action, along with a couple of Fuji X10 hands-ons, and the usual parade of superzooms. Here we go... Interchangeable (APS-C and beyond) +... Continue

Mobile Noise (iPhone 4S vs many cameras, Ice Cream edits photos, 500px on iPad), October 18, 2011
Our research department has determined (through the use of a series of coin tosses) that this mobile thing is not just a trendy fad and it is likely here to stay, so we are launching a new segment, "Mobile Noise",... Continue

Loaded Canon 5DMk2 bundle alert: 5DMk2 w/three free gifts (16GB Extreme, extra LP-E6, slinger bag) for $2400, October 3, 2011
If you are/were planning to get the Canon 5D Mark II body, you may want to check this new promotion at Adorama. For the price of $2400 with free shipping, you get three free extras: a 16GB Sandisk Extreme Compact... Continue

Monday Shopping Quarterback (5DMk2 w/Red Giant, Wacom w/LR3, Canon S95, etc), September 26, 2011
B&H Photo is not accepting orders until Sunday October 2nd, 2011... Original post after the jump... Time for a new time-sensitive edition of the "Monday Shopping Quarterback"! If you are looking to get the Canon 5D Mark II nao, B&H... Continue

Reviews (it rains M43rds reviews, M9p, P300, etc, etc), August 2, 2011
Time to check what the review cat brought in today! For lens reviews, be sure to visit and bookmark and share the lens reviews mini-site. Micro Four Thirds + Panasonic GF3 at CNet UK, DC Watch Impress, Focus Numerique (ISO... Continue

Viral Fridays (13.5 giganorama, G+ #togs, Nikon-NASA, Canon 60D stimulus plan, etc), July 29, 2011
Weekends are supposed to be fun (except for those of us who work weekends [oh wait! work is supposed to be fun! {what???}]), so it is time to round-up some viral/fun stories from across the photo-blogo-sphere! + 13.5 gigapixel panorama... Continue

Copyright blind-spot: what about pictures taken by animals?, July 13, 2011
You probably already saw the viral monkey self-portrait photos taken with the Canon 5D Mark II in Indonesia as it made the internet rounds (and accidentally served as a reminder of the old and new "Planet of the Apes" movies).... Continue

Leica X1 vs Fuji X100 by Alex Koloskov (and more!), June 20, 2011
If you can't get enough of Leica X1 vs Fuji X100 comparisons, here is another one, this one by photographer Alex Koloskov. It is a two part comparison on his site, here is part #1 and part #2. A zip... Continue

The Great (Video) Camera Shootout 2011 part #1 is out (30 min, 15 cameras), June 16, 2011
If you are a fan of digital video, there is a new season of the "Great Camera Shootout", the 2011 edition. This edition focuses on large-sensor pro video cameras. A total of 15 cameras are included in this group-test, including... Continue

Factory shots of upcoming babyPrimes lenses (rehoused Zeiss SLR lenses for video), June 7, 2011
Factory shots of the upcoming babyPrimes (Zeiss SLR lenses rehoused for videography by KelvinKamera) have made their way at Cinema 5D. Click on each picture to get a close-up of the lenses. The main picture shows them mounted on the... Continue

Reviews (Pentax 645D macro, Fuji X100, HX9 beats T3i/600D video, etc), June 6, 2011
And now time to check some of the recent reviews published in the photo-blogo-sphere! In this round, the Sony HX9 video-beats the Canon 600D/T3i, macro action with the Pentax 645D, more Fuji X100 action, and a new D7000 test-stream. Medium... Continue


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