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4D light field photography archives (20 posts)

New at CES 2014: Toshiba retro-focus module, Lexar CFast 2.0, JVC camcorders, EyeFi, etc, January 7, 2014
And now lettuce serve up some of the side dish announcements that were not on the main menu at yesterday's announcement luncheon. Wow, so many food puns in one sentence! *hangs head in shame* + the 60x Samsung WB2200F superzoom... Continue

Qualcomm touts photography features of new Snapdragon 805 flagship processor, January 5, 2014
Lytro is perhaps the first company that comes to mind when people think of retro-focus and lightfield photography, perhaps partially because of the "laying of the hands" by Steve Jobs but they are certainly not the only ones involved in... Continue

Lytro gets an early Holiday Present from Apple, November 26, 2013
The Apple Reality Distortion Field has been slowly losing some of its intensity since the passing of Steve Jobs, but they still have the Midas Touch. And that Midas Touch is perhaps a gift for Lytro, as millions of Apple... Continue

RAW goes Mobile: Nokia announces Lumia smartphone with RAW [also: Lytro-like feature and Instagram for WP], October 22, 2013
Apple was not the only one today with splashy announcements. Nokia made history (as far as I can tell) by offering the first smartphones to offer RAW image capture out of the box. With this they are adding more photog-cred... Continue

New Toshiba dual camera module with 1/4" 1.4um CMOS sensors for Light Field Photography, September 27, 2013
Light Field Photography is slowly making more friends. Toshiba has announced a new dual camera module, the TCM9518MD, which features two 1/4" 1.4um 5-megapixel CMOS sensors. Also part of the module is a dedicated LSI that can upscale the picture... Continue

Lytro promises more products in 2014, including professional photographer features, August 12, 2013
In a text based interview posted at the SF Gate Tech Chronicles, the current Lytro CEO promises that 2014 will see a lot of new products from Lytro. One of Lytro's funders [funders, not founders] is quoted promising "at least... Continue

Lytro turns on built-in Wifi and launches accompanying iTunes app, June 19, 2013
The Lytro camera had a Wifi chip inside, but until now, it was not activated/enabled/usable. This changes now. Lytro has a new software update that enables the Wi-fi feature and to make the most out of it, they have also... Continue

Toshiba reveals Light Field Photography project (oppa Lytro style!), December 27, 2012
Lytro is not the only game in town when it comes to light field photography. Toshiba has revealed that they are working on a new digital imaging module that offers light field technology advantages. They will use half a million... Continue

Lytro adds Perspective Shift to its camera, November 16, 2012
Lytro appears to be serious about continually improving its Lytro camera. A new round of updates are coming, and they are bringing Perspective Shift with them. You can change the perspective after you take the pictures. An update to the... Continue

Lytro is now shipping for $400 in two body colors, October 17, 2012
The new Lytro camera is now in-stock and shipping at its starting price of $400 (8GB model) with free shipping in your choice of two colors (black, blue). The red color is the 16GB model and it goes for $500... Continue

Lytro adding manual control to its camera, October 9, 2012
Another curiosity factor item, the Lytro light field camera will be getting some manual controls with a new software update according to The Verve and The Dpreview and The Gadget Lab and The CNet and the press release at The... Continue

Curiosity factor: Lytro review at dpreview (and more!) [updated], February 29, 2012
What does one of the top two camera review websites think of the new Lytro light-field photography camera? Find out in their brand new review of the camera! As usual, we won't leak the light field here, but if you... Continue

What's inside a Lytro camera? (teardown), February 9, 2012
Curious what's inside the first Lytro digital camera? You can check a 37-picture teardown at Wireless Goodness (you can also see them with PicLens). One surprise they found inside the camera is a Wifi/Bluetooth chip by Marvell (currently not used).... Continue

Interview with Lytro executive chairman, January 26, 2012
Back to the interview train we go with a review of the Lytro executive chairman at PC World, talking about the Lytro technology, imaging sensors in general, CCD vs CMOS, and the potential of licensing their technology to smartphone or... Continue

Steve Jobs was interested in reinventing photography and was looking at Lytro, January 23, 2012 writes that according to information coming from the Steve Jobs biographers (including the just-released "Inside Apple" book by Adam Lashinsky), Steve Jobs wanted to reinvent photography and during his last months he took a close look at Lytro's light... Continue


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