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3D archives (68 posts)

DIY with 3D printer: a film SLR camera with custom mount ring (open source design), July 8, 2013
While we don't have Star Trek replicators or transporters just yet, we are slowly getting there. The new wave of 3D printers are offering a little bit of both. People can and do come up with crafty ideas! Case in... Continue

DIY: Print your existing pictures in 3D - 3D as in adding a thickness dimension, not 3D glasses 3D, May 28, 2013
3D in movies and consumer electronics media consumption was not greeted as a liberator, but 3D in DIY and hack projects is slowly but steadily building geek-momentum. With more early adopters having access to 3D printers, crafty geeks are coming... Continue

Curiosity factor: Hands-on with Lynx A 3D camera/tablet Kickstarter Prototype, April 18, 2013
Another curiosity item for or from the future. The Kickstarter project that was started by universities students in Texas has a working prototype in the hands of Engadget, and Engadget published a hands on video with it. No one knows... Continue

Kickstarter: the Lynx, a Point and Shoot 3D camera for 3D modeling and printing, February 3, 2013
A new Kickstarter project is developing the Lynx, a point and shoot 3D camera for 3D modeling and 3D printing. This is a special purpose camera that has the shape of a tablet and is to be used for modeling... Continue

New Samsung NX300 mirrorless camera and 45mm f1.8 3D lens, January 3, 2013
Party on Wayne! Now that we finished the 4-part Camearholic Digest, it is time to take a look at the first official digital camera announcement of 2013. It is a mirrorless interchangeable lens camera and it is from Samsung. It... Continue

Newsbytes: 12mp TrueSense 4/3-inch CMOS sensor, Transcend Wifi cards, Adobe LR4.3 RC, etc, November 11, 2012
With the Elections and Hurricane Sandy there wasn't enough material to trigger a new edition of the Opinion Soup this weekend (but you can always check the Archives for previous episodes)... However, our Newsy buffers have been overfilled with newsbytes... Continue

Kickstarter 3D printing project raises $1.5 million in one week, October 2, 2012
Most of photography so far lives in the world of 2D. There have been attempts at 3D cameras, but mostly they have been for the boldly-going adventurous early-adopters. Part of the challenge with 3D is that 3D printing is a... Continue

New Panasonic P&S models: FX80, LS6 and who knows what else, January 30, 2012
Panasonic has also announced some other P&S digital cameras. So far we have found these: the FX80 and the very entry-level LS6! Panasonic announced some new models at CES/PMA, which you may see in press releases for some regions where... Continue

New Panasonic 3D1 dual-lens dual-sensor 3D fixed lens camera, November 6, 2011
Panasonic is joining the 3D fixed lens digital camera party with the aptly-named 3D1. This should not be a surprise since Panasonic is already in the world of 3D with their other consumer electronics products. This is a two-lens two-sensor... Continue

Also (Fuji 3D glasses-free V3 viewer, firmware (X10, Q), etc), November 2, 2011
Time to recap some of the latest news, newsbytes, newsbits and newsquarks! Here we go, in lightning round format... Newsy News + Fuji's 3D V3 glass-free viewer gets official announcement - via Pop Photo, dpreview et al [this was shown... Continue

Reviews & Previews (A77, E-P3, GF3, V1, J1, superzooms, etc), September 26, 2011
Time to check some of the latest reviews and previews! The Nikon CX system previews continue to arrive! As usual, mirrorless and superzoom cameras continue to be getting most of the reviewers attention these days... Interchangeables + Sony Alpha A77... Continue

Also (new Sony CineAlta F65, Adobe Carousel cloud, printers, software, etc), September 8, 2011
Time to recap some of the latest newsbytes, which include a new high-end Sony digital video camera, an Apple-flirting not-free cloud-based photo storage and sharing service by Adobe, new Kodak and Epson printers, new software, and mo(i)re! Digital Video Wars... Continue

Also (Pentax K-lenses to Q-bodies, new Zeiss filters, Samyang M43 fisheye, RED EPIC-X ships, etc), September 5, 2011
Time to recap some of the latest news in lightning round format! + Pentax showcases their K-lenses to Q-bodies adapter in Japan, captured by DC Watch Impress (via Rice High) + new Zeiss UV and circular polariser filters - via... Continue

New Fuji Z950-EXR compact folded-optics camera (and new V3 3D viewer), August 31, 2011
Hiding in the shadow of the new Fuji X10 is the brand new Fuji Z950-EXR, yet another folded-optics "bijou" compact P&S digital camera. Details at Fuji Global, Photoscala, Quesabesde, Les Numeriques, DSLR Magazino, etc. Fuji will also be showing the... Continue

Under development: Panasonic twin-lens 3D digital camera, August 31, 2011
Fuji boldly came out with its 3D system and they may risk going bald before another manufacturer releases an actual 3D twin-lens camera model. But today we got a bit closer to the "another manufacturer" part with Panasonic revealing that... Continue


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