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35mm full frame archives (196 posts)

New Nikon D4s full frame speed demon 16mp DSLR [with hands-on preview and interview!], February 24, 2014
Sports photographers, start your engines! Nikon is now officially announcing a new speed demon DSLR, the "D4S", with a 16mp 35mm full frame sensor! It has an early March (March 6) release estimate with a starting price of $6500 for... Continue

The Sony A99 returns as a luxury DSLR - the new Hasselblad HV, February 3, 2014
Hasselblad is back with their Sony cloning program. This time they have gone 35mm full frame SLT dSLR, by announcing the new Hasselblad HV, based on the good old Sony Alpha A99 [reviews]. Having the Hasseblad brand means you have... Continue

Nikon Development Notice: Nikon working on D4S flagship, January 6, 2014
Nikon issued a development notice - they are working on a brand new Nikon D4S flagship camera! Spartan announcement at The Vergedpreview and PDN Pulse et al. The good old Nikon D4 was officially announced in early January 2012, so... Continue

Zeiss planning 85mm f1.4 Otus lens, December 12, 2013
In a Facebook Q&A session, Zeiss revealed that they are planning to release a 85mm f1.4 Otus lens in 2014. According to the Facebook answer-er, this will be the first Otus lens to be released in 2014. Details via Pop... Continue

Sony a7 and a7 w/28-70 in-stock at multiple places at normal prices, December 2, 2013
We just updated the Sony a7 stock status page and we have good news! Both the a7 body only and the a7 w/28-70 are in-stock at multiple retailers at their normal prices of $1700 and $2000. The a7r body only... Continue

New Nikon Df = a retro-styled 35mm full frame DSLR for $2700+, November 4, 2013
Once upon a time, we couldn't get camera manufacturers to even utter "35mm full frame" and "digital" in the same sentence. Nowadays, we can't stop them from releasing waves and waves of 35mm FF cameras. Today Nikon announces a brand... Continue

Sony a7r Dxomark Lab Test results: Ranks between Nikon D800E and D800 at #2, October 31, 2013
Curious or interested the new Sony a7r full frame mirrorless camera? Grab your pixel-peeping glasses and head on over to Dxomark where they have published their Sony a7r test results (Flash needed for the Measurements tab). Along with the results,... Continue

(ENDED) Ends 1pm ET: Nikon D600 w/24-85mm for $1700, October 25, 2013
This lightning deal expired but given the D610-vs-D600 situation, it is possible that it may return in the future at Amazon or other retailers... For more specials, check the Camera Deals blog with the easy to remember url Good... Continue

Canon 1D X getting firmware 2.0 in Jan-2014 (1D C too), October 23, 2013
Canon has announced version 2.0 firmware update for the Canon 1D X dSLR with a January-2014 release date. Details at the aforelinked page, the major bullet points are: + Improvement of AF accuracy in low light with AI Servo +... Continue

DxOmarK measures the Nikon D610 (karma!) and the Canon S120 rawsumer, October 21, 2013
Never a dull moment at Dxomark as you can see from their stream of reviews on their homepage. They gave us two new gifts the last couple of days, their Nikon D610 and Canon Powershot S120 measurement-evaluations! Karma's a dusty... Continue

Samyang jumps ahead of TamTokSig, announces five new 35mm full frame prime lenses for the Sony E-mount, October 20, 2013
Samyang continues its attack on the TamTokSig fortress by jumping ahead of them and pre-announcing five new 35mm full frame prime lenses for the Sony E-mount system that got rebooted this week with the launch of the Sony 35mm full... Continue

Sony A7, A7r, RX10 Hands-On Previews and First Impressions, October 15, 2013
Sony announced today the A7 and A7R full frame mirrorless cameras along with six full frame lenses and the RX10 compact with RAW. This post rounds-up hands-on previews and first impressions. Sony A7 and A7R Previews and First Impressions +... Continue

New Sony a7 and a7R full frame mirrorless cameras (aka ILCE-7 and ICLE-7R), October 15, 2013
Full frame fans, it is a mirrorless party! Sony announced two new 35mm full frame mirrorless camera for the Sony E-mount! The a7 aka ICLE-7 features a 24mp full frame sensor while the a7r aka ICLE-7R features a 36mp full... Continue

New Nikon D610 35mm full frame DSLR is announced, October 7, 2013
Nikon has announced a new 35mm full frame DSLR, the new D610! Quite similar to the D600, the D610. PDN Pulse summarizes some of the differences. Press release and detailed specs at dpreview. The camera is priced at the magical... Continue

Spot the differences: Sony RX1R vs RX1 in three JPEG samples at FN, July 25, 2013
Focus Numerique posted a three JPEG sample test, showing three different images taken with the RX1 (on the left) and the RX1R (on the right). Can you spot any differences? And if yes, do you agree with the FN findings... Continue


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