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March 03, 2014

RED DSLR Panic 2014: RED Epic Dragon Dethrones all DSLRs from Dxomark rankings

Monday excitement from Dxomark! They published their evaluation of the RED EPIC Dragon camera and shock-and-awe for realz, it dethroned all DSLRs, climbing straight to the #1 spot in the DXomark rankings, above and beyond the Nikon D800* and Sony a7* full frame duets!

In the RED Epic Drogon vs Nikon D800 score comparison, the RED beats the D800 in Portrait and Landscape, and only loses by a small margin (2745 vs 2853) in the Sports (low light ISO) score.

And that comparison tells the bigger story. The RED Epic Dragon comes on top both the Dynamic Range and Color Depth categories. In the dynamic range (Landscape), it zooms past the leaders (Nikon D800*, D610, Sony RX1) and in the color depth (Portrait) category, it manages to dethrone even the medium format cameras and digital backs (including the Phase One IQ180 and P65 Plus) for the #1 spot.

The only thing that throws a little bit of cold water on the RED hot Epic is the Low Light (ISO) ranking where the RED Epic Dragon finishes #10. The Nikon full frame DSLR line-up leads the way, along with the Canon 1DX and Sony a7r finishing ahead of RED.

Dxomark explains their testing routine and provides detailed technical analysis of their findings. Or if you are looking for a TL;DR, you can jump to their spartan conclusions.

Having said all that, keep in mind, Dxomark measurements and rankings are a specific set of technical measurements and are not designed to be end to end evaluations of a camera or a camera system.

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