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March 18, 2014

Poll to help determine blog's future: which recurring blog features do you find more useful?

Once upon a time we were able to follow the whole camera market with a very wide angle lens. However, since then, a steady barrage of new cameras (200+ per year) and new camera systems made the everything-about-everything style of coverage unsustainable. So now we are in a transition period. So far we've been trying to nibble around the edges to make it work again. It FAILED!

So more drastic action is needed. Part of the transition period unfortunately included an on-going analysis-paralysis stage, or as Jim astutely summarized in a previous comment, "semi-suspended animation". Part of this is caused by the nature of this blog, because we cover a lot of things on a timeline basis, falling behind even a little has a cumulative multiplier effect. But regardless, no one wants to read a meta-blogging essay (but if you do, please let me know and I'll write a separate essay just for you ;-).

So this is a feedback poll for you to vote on what recurring blog features you find the most useful. This will help us prioritize what to cover and what not to cover in the future. Please keep in mind, different tasks have different workloads, so this is not a "decider poll", but a "feedback poll". Task A may only need 10% effort vs Task B which may require 50% effort. I am sure 99% would vote yes on "write a 30-page in-depth technical review for every single camera and cameraphone ever made", but the chances of that happening are about 0.000000000000000000031415%.

Because of the nature of the poll, we will keep the results private for a few days, so early results won't influence voting. After a few days, the results will open up. The answer order in the voting widget is computer-randomized every time the page is loaded to prevent position bias.

This is a multiple selection poll, so vote for as many as you find useful. Unfortunately there is no way to prioritize the selections, so use your voting/non-voting as a way to prioritize.

For more complicated answers, please use the comments below or the Online Contact Form or Twitter @1001noisycamera (no final "s" because Twitter handles are 15 chars or less).

Explanation of the various categories
+ News round-ups: individual news or round-ups covering multiple news and newsy items, examples in the News category

+ New Camera Gear announcements: eg New Cameras and New Lenses

+ Cameraholic Digest: round-up of latest reviews, hands-on reports, samples, debates, etc. Here are examples of older episodes

+ Opinion Soup: a round-up of diverse opinions on camera gear and photography and related topics. Here are examples of older episodes

+ Lens Reviews stream: the latest lens reviews, one post per review

+ Camera Reviews stream: the latest lens reviews, one post per review

+ Reference posts: things like the Trade Show calendar (behind) and New Cameras of 2013 (behind) or Year In Review (behind) and Professional Photographer List (2008) and such

+ In-Depth and "Noisy Original" posts: Examples, data-driven charts such as the The Age of DSLRs (2010) or Who Reviews Digital Cameras (2008) or Google Reader alternatives (2013). Also: goofy things like How to Frak Your Next Digital Camera purchase.

+ Camera-centered: for example, the 5DMk2 blog and the Panasonic LX3 diary and D3s reference page

+ Other: write in blog-comments or use contact form

If you are reading this in an RSS reader, the voting widget below likely won't work. Please visit the actual blog post or go to the Polldaddy voting page directly.

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