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March 05, 2014

New crafty adaptive Pentax K mount adapter ring for older Pentax DSLRs/SLRs

And now some crafty work in the world of mount adapters. Singapore-based Adaptive, as their name suggests, is releasing their first Pentax K mount adapter ring that allows the mounting of various lenses from other mounts (Nikon F, Olympus OM, Contax-Yashica, Konica) to some older Pentax dSLRs and some Pentax film SLRs. This is ...adaptive in some ways.

Supported with this product are older non-weather-resistant dSLRs like the K-x, K-r, K-m, K2000, K100D*/K110D, and five *istD*. There is a detailed page on which Pentax Film SLRs are supported.

As with all adapters, there are trade-offs and restrictions. You can find the full details on their website. Here are some of them:
+ no autofocus; only manual focus
+ aperture control is manual
+ no lens release catch
+ check their website for details
+ instructions in JPEG or HTML are linked to from the right hand site of the above page

This is a six minute video demo produced by Adaptist on Vimeo.

This is one mount ring for all the supported mounts. The ring supports Pentax K-lenses as well so you don't have to remove it if you want to go "native".

The price of this new product is around $100 Singapore Dollars. Orders outside Singapore have a $5 shipping fee for the first item plus $3 per additional item. All prices are in Singapore dollars. Based on current currency rates, $100 Singapore Dollars is around $80 US Dollars.

Sample Pictures
Adaptist has a sample pictures gallery showing actual pictures taken with the adapter using lenses from Nikon F, Olympus OM, Contax/Yashica C/Y and Konica AR.

What about the newer and weather resistant Pentax DSLRs?
Hope is not lost! While this first product does not support them, the Adaptive website, in red ink, states:

"*PK+MM for WR DSLRs is under development and not available yet."

Via The Photography Blog

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