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March 06, 2014

Getty Images adopts the YouTube approach, Image Embeds for the Web and Social Media

Getty Images is trying a new approach to the way its images are (mis)used by the free-content-hungry internet denizens, they are going YouTube-style, by having an "Embed" option for Getty Images, so people can embed them (non-commercially) on their social media, websites, blogs, tumblrs, and forums. This move is an attempt to get some kind of return on the already-happening sharing-without-permission of their images. Even if a small percentage of people use the new tools, it is a practical win for Getty and those involved. At least in theory.

Getty has an Embed Help page and added an "Embedded Viewer" section to its Terms and Conditions.

Via Tech Crunch and Wired UK and CNet and The Verve.

Example of new Getty Image embeds
Here is an example below using the new Getty embeds feature. The image "Cat and Camera" by Akimasa Harada is Javascript-embedded below using the new Getty Images Embed feature.

The embed widget includes the picture, which is a link to the Getty page of the particular image, along with a byline (but no direct link) to the photographer, along with social media share buttons: Twitter, Tumblr and Share (Embed).

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