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February 03, 2014

The Sony A99 returns as a luxury DSLR - the new Hasselblad HV

Hasselblad is back with their Sony cloning program. This time they have gone 35mm full frame SLT dSLR, by announcing the new Hasselblad HV, based on the good old Sony Alpha A99 [reviews]. Having the Hasseblad brand means you have to pay a Hasseblad price, so you pay 8500 euro (in European markets) and $11,500 USD (in USA markets).

Hasselblad "skinned" the camera to luxurify it and perhaps some may find some of the non-luxurified changes useful. But are they useful enough to pay 4 times as much? Probably not for 99.9999043% of the population of photographers :)

Since the camera has such a crazy profit margin that makes iPad profit margins look like peanuts, Hasselblad went all out with the web development, creating a dedicated mini site for the camera.

Press release parade at PDN Pulse and Photography Blog and Quesabesde and DSLR Magazine and et al.

This is obviously a variation on a theme DSLR, but technically, this is one more company making Alpha mount DSLRs. So we have Minolta, Konica Minolta, Sony and Hasselblad selling Alpha mount SLRs/dSLRs :)

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