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February 10, 2014

Review Streams updated: added 43 Camera Reviews and 35 Lens Reviews

We fell 25 days behind (*GASP*) the latest reviews, but after a marathon session, we finally caught up! During this update, we added 43 new camera reviews and 35 new lens reviews. Given the high volume of new additions, we have a couple of different ways for you to catch up...

By Chronological Order (roughly)
+ Latest Camera Reviews: Page #1 of Reviews and Page #2 of Reviews and Page #3 of Reviews

+ Latest Lens Reviews: Page #1 of Reviews and Page #2 of Reviews

By Sensor Size
+ cameras with 35mm full frame sensor (DSLR or mirrorless or RF)

+ cameras with APS-C sensor (DSLR or mirrorless)

+ cameras with 43rds M43rds sensor

+ cameras with 1-inch sensor

+ smaller sensors: 2/3" and 1/1.x" and 1/2.x"

Latest DSLR Reviews
+ latest DSLR reviews

+ Nikon D3300: first completed in english review

+ Nikon D5300: two new ones

+ Nikon Df: two more

+ Nikon D610: two more

+ Pentax K-3: three new ones

Latest Rangefinder Reviews
+ Leica M Monochrom(e): one new one

Latest Mirrorless Reviews
+ latest Mirrorless reviews

+ Fuji X-T1: one new (total of three)

+ Sony a7r: three new ones

+ Sony a7: two new ones

+ Sony a5000: two new ones

+ Sony a3000: two new ones

+ Panasonic GM1: two new ones

Latest Compacts with RAW
+ latest RAWsumer reviews (fixed-lens cameras with RAW)

+ Sony RX10: three new ones

+ Panasonic ZS60 aka TZ40 (travel zoom with RAW): first two in English

+ Olympus Stylus 1: four new ones

+ Fuji XQ1: two more

Problems, Typos, Errors, Confusions, Etc
As usual, we may miss some reviews, especially during a long catch-up-a-thon like this. Also, with updates like these, the chances of typos, errors, confusions, mislabeling, etc are higher than usual. If you notice any of these and want to see them corrected, please let us know using the online contact form or leave a comment at the place of the problem. Staring at the screen angrily won't fix the problems, because we don't know they exist unless you tell us!

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